April 27, 2013

The fights I pick

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiuun. Just last week a building collapsed in Bangladesh, killing many. I follow many apparel and cloth diaper companies and one after another started reporting on it. I think that was great depending on their approach, many brought attention to the poor working conditions and low wages. Others decided it was a great PR move to go all "I told you so" and trying to justify their pricing on this tragedy and that rubbed me the wrong way.

There was absolutely no need for that.

The company I got into a debate with is an otherwise ethical company and their pricing is just fine.  The moment they posted the image of the suffering along with a we pay our workers x amount and this things take twice to manufacture bit is where I felt they crossed  the line into profiteering. I ran apparel factory and we mass produced many items so I have a ball park idea of how much things tend to cost to manufacture and I called them on their lie.  Even by their standards, taking into account the retail pricing their wholesale prices is about the price they claim it costs them to manufacture.

THAT is what upset me and there was absolutely no need for it. What a company charges is not my concern but the blatant lie and taking advantage of a tragedy where more than 100 people lost their lives is low and then to claim innocence that they are only bringing attention to the tragedy was just crap.

They did respond with a "I'm sorry you think that way" lol. Anyway, alhamdulilah. I'm dropping it because really, what the heck am I doing arguing with a company over their manufacturing costs?