October 6, 2012

I've Hugged Trees...Whatevs

I can honestly say I've hugged a few trees in my life, like actually hugged them, sometimes voluntarily like when I used to climb guava and mango trees as a kid and at least one time coerced. That was in PA in the mid 2000's (I was in my teens) this hippie couple friend of the family took me across state lines to a pine tree (I think) forest. Oh yea, WITHOUT my mother's permission. NO IDEA where I was taken and I kept asking myself WHY?! WHY?! Why in the world did I get into a car with people who drink their own urine?

Anyway, they said that hugging a bunch of these majestic trees would free me of all the evil spirits, other spiritual ailments and that there were beings in the forest who come and wash your worries away. So yeah, I hugged the crap out of those trees. I hadn't spotted a forest ranger or any other people to bail me out so in the mean time I appeased the crazy folks. smh. The forest did smell good though. In the end they were harmless, completely bonkers but harmless.

And that folks is episode #258 of a never ending series Stupid Stuff I've Done In My Life or maybe I should call it Stupid Stuff I've Done In My Life That My Mom Doesn't Know About Until She Facebooks Me (oh God the horror!)

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KittySigurdardottir. said...

Thank God they did not end up harming you.