July 13, 2012


As Salaamu Aalaykum,

Isn't it interesting that children don't see other siblings with the labels "adopted, fostered or biological?" If they live with each other day in and day out, they fight and play to each other they are simply siblings. Its the adults who feel the need to categorize the relationship.

I don't think my toddler sees his sister as his 'biological sister' or loves her BECAUSE she is his biological sibling but simply as HIS sister. The one who steals his toys and occasionally his food but his sister and playmate all the same. #Iwanttofoster&adopt

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Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah, I love it when I hear about Muslims who want to foster or adopt children. It's so strongly emphasized in Islam that I'm surprised more Muslims don't express an interest in it. I would love to Islamically adopt children myself, especially because I was adopted as a baby. I think too many Muslims believe that it is haram to adopt, when in reality as long as the parents keep the child's birth name and make sure that the child has access to knowledge about their first family, then insha'Allah it isn't a problem (Allahu 'Alim).