May 6, 2012

My 3 year old is a veteran defense lawyer

As Salaamu Aalaykum.

Sometimes putting my 3 yr old to bed feels like dealing with a veteran deathrow defense lawyer, he has an appeal to an appeal on top of an appeal times 100. Before its his bed time I go through the motions,

-Did he drink water? check
-Did he have a snack? check
-Bathroom? check
-Clean pjs? check.

Otherwise that boy will be like AM THIRSTY bam! 5 additional mins
I'm still hungry, bam! 30-45 mins
I need to go to the bathroom, bam! another 10 mins.
I forgot to wash my hands after the bathroom, bam! another 2 mins
*insert excuse/appeal here* bam! another 10 mins

and the appeals go on and on until all is said and done his original bed time of 8PM has been stretched to 10PM or later.  Boy is good, mashaAllah.

I run a tight ship but hubby caves too easily and inevitable messes with my highly choreographed and fine tuned bed time routine. Once I go through my checklist and I've made sure that he has been reasonably fed, hydrated and clean his appeals get DENIED. If I fail to do my checklist and there is reasonable doubt that he may in fact be hungry, thirsty and or needs to go to the bathroom his appeal gets accepted but he still has to return to bed afterward.

Hubby disregards my checklists and argues on my toddlers behalf, "maybe he is thirsty?" Dude, you don't know who you dealing with.

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