May 5, 2012

Hubby has invaded my naughty dreams

As Salaamu Aalaykum,
I don't know how to say this without it coming off the wrong way.  So here goes, since I got married in Dec. 2006 my husband has been in ALL my naughty dreams, like ALL of them in all varying degrees of naughty. Last night I had a really nice mild dream with just us cuddling and it felt so nice and safe. MashaAllah. I woke up and he was in the kitchen feeding the children breakfast and it made me go all fuzzy inside for him.  Then I find out that even though the fridge is packed with food, two kinds of pasta, boiled potatoes, foot long bread etc, he can't 'find' food and instead fed the kids juice for breakfast.

But back to the dream, is it normal to have your husband as the male protagonist in ALL your naughty dreams?


AlabasterMuslim said...

Asalaamu alaikum, Ha!! Yes I believe it is. I dont even cheat in my dreams. Lol!

Candice said...

That's funny but I think either way is normal. I've had others (never anyone I know) enter my dreams and in the dream, even if there was no husband, I felt like I was doing something wrong and spent the time trying to figure out what it was, to wake up knowing that it was a feeling that I was cheating. I don't know what that means... Your way sounds better!