April 11, 2012

Help Nadoona WIN! *inshaAllah*

I saw this today on my newsfeed and wanted to share as I hope they win!


Nadoona is actually in Michelle Obama's video challenge. The video with the most VOTES will be invited to the White House inshAllah. The challenge was for faith based organizations who are helping make a difference in the health of children. We are the only Muslim organization in the challenge.

Could you please vote for Nadoona? you can use facebook to create a login or use your email and then just click vote in the top right of the video. If you could share it with your groups as well that would be wonderful. We've got to have Muslims represent!

To VOTE visit:


To join Nadoona FB Group:


To learn about the Non-Profit Organization :



You can vote DAILY till May 11! Spread the word! 
Their fb even is https://www.facebook.com/events/428302770517583/428937737120753/

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