March 21, 2012

Trayvon you will get justice INSHAALLAH

I haven't been blogging recently as I've been on facebook feverishly posting about the Trayvon Martin case from Florida.  Trayvon an unarmed 17yr old walking from the store when George Zimmerman a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain stalked, confronted and fatally shot the teen.  George was told by 911 dispatchers to STOP following the teen but he didn't listen.  Unfortunately teenagers of all races get murdered everyday but what makes this case so infuriating is that the killer vigilante has NOT been charged for the murder of Trayvon and is hiding behind Florida's Stand Your Ground law.  A law that allows you to use deadly force (although it HEAVILY favors gun owners) to defend yourself. At first authorities said it was because he had a 'squeaky clean record' and there was nothing contradicting his self defense claim. Zimmerman was not taken in to custody or tested for any intoxicants.

However, its been close to a MONTH!  A MONTH! the 911 tapes have been released and this man-child is still walking free. Alhamdulillah the FBI and DOJ are FINALLY getting involved and I hope his family gets justice.
Zimmerman, who violated major parts of the Neighborhood Watch Manual, which states "It should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers. And they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles."

There are about 22,000 registered watch groups nationwide, and Zimmerman was not part of a registered group, which police were not aware of at the time of Martin's killing, said Chris Tutko, the director of the National Neighborhood Watch program. read more
How could self defense be applied when someone does not follow 911 dispatchers  orders and INSTIGATES a confrontation? BLOWS MY MIND.

I've taken a special interest in this case because Trayvon resembles my two brothers one still a teenager and the other who just hit 21 and both are still living in Florida.  I've always worried about my brothers because of their looks and what others will perceive of them but it never occurred to me that the SYG law could be used to kill them IF someone feels threatened by their LOOKS.  I really hope there is a resolution to this case because its a damn shame that this man is still walking free. DAMN SHAME.

May this family be granted hidayat and sakeenah in their hearts to overcome their loss and may Trayvon's killer be brought to justice. AMEEN
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Mona Z said...

This is such a tragic story and it pisses me off that this jerk is still not in jail. He claimed self defense but he was chasing him! Ugh, I can't understand it.

.::Tuttie::. said...

I KNOW! btw did you hear this part of the video? people are claiming George said "f'ng coons" which apparently is a racial slur I was not aware of.