March 31, 2012

I saw the Angel of Death in a dream a few nights ago.

As Salaamu Aalaykum,

A few nights ago I had a VERY long and detailed dream and saw the Angel of Death and all I could say while I glimpsed at the tip of its humungous wings was, "wow, you're beautiful." Mostly I was awestruck by its beauty, magnificence, splendor and it was impressive. Actually the word beautiful and its synonyms don't do that creature justice, subhanaAllah.  He/It appeared a split second after a man made disaster the tip of his wing appearing in the horizon so large that I could not see what it was attached to. I don't remember if it spoke back to me as I was too enthralled by its presence or if it even heard me say "wow you're beautiful."

I'm still in awe of it and the dream was not at all scary as it may sound although heavy on the details and when I woke up the difference in me was drastic. I don't fear death or the grave any more (I used to fear it with a paralyzing fear), I know it will happen whenever my time on this Earth is up. Alhamdulillah. What I am worried about now is making sure I have as many good deeds as I can possibly get.

May my best deeds be my last deeds and may the day I meet Him swt be my best day. AMEEN.

Shockingly I've lost interest in some of the things that I held dear to me before the dream but after dream that interest is gone. Like it was surgically removed and not a trace of it left behind, its not that I dislike or HATE those things now, just that I no longer have any interest in them.  Now I want to maximize my deeds, get myself together and be productive in society, life and deen.

Its like a burning desire to do better to be better to reach and exceed my potential and in a sobering way also a desire to get my affairs in order.

ps, Don't try to interpret my dream as it was so detailed I could write a book on it. May Allah swt grant me the good from that dream and save me from the evils of that dream. AMEEN.

I'm completely rethinking how I spend my time as well as the purpose of my many fb pages will be.  May Allah swt grant us all hidayat. AMEEN


Andahlucya. said...

I believe you something is brewing,I can feel it in my spirit.

SimplyMe said...

MashaAllah. To have a dream change you for better, that's amazing.