January 9, 2012

First day of homeschooling

 Today was my 3 yr olds first day of more structured homeschooling. Usually we just play, lounge around or go to the park and I teach him in between. Our school supplies came in on Friday and he was SOOOO excited to get started and even though I told him we would start on Monday it didn't stop him from asking me every 30 minutes if it was Monday yet.  The structured thing was not well received but I'll give it some more time since we are still new at this.

I'm basically learning the lessons first and then teaching it to my toddler.  I LOVE IT! I am using 'homeschooling' to delve in to all kinds of things I wish  I could have done growing up and sharing it with my son. Today we had Arabic and will do it again tomorrow and on Wednesday and Thursday we are doing Spanish. :)

I want to take more pictures but I think I"ll be too busy running around and keeping a 1 year old from destroying my 3 yr old's  notebooks and supplies.

Life is Good. Alhamdulillah. Still dealing with some dark stuff but the good is starting to win out. :)


AlabasterMuslim said...

I love this! I am so hyped up to homeschool, but most people i know put me down for it. Alhamdulllah i have hubbys support. My mom hime schools and mashallah its so nice to see my little bro n sis learn cursive and how to read because of what she's taught them. They are advanced alhamdullilah. Inshallah you'll make more posts :D inspirational

Ever Cavender said...

I use to watch a little 4 year old girl from Saudi Arabia. MashaAllah she was soooooo friggin awesome. Anyway, I found that creating stuff for her to learn taught me so much. Seriously she taught me more Arabic listening and speaking skills than what I learned in 1 year of intensive Arabic at the university. It is good to learn as they learn because kids take it step by step, they don't say anything too complicated too fast, and they aren't judgmental if you aren't perfect every time.  LOVE teaching little kids!