September 27, 2011

I was going for sexy librarian but got this instead


I bought those glasses because there was a$1 special going on and because they 'sorta' look my style but it didn't work out. :( I have no idea what that book is about I chose it because it conveyed the message without having actual pictures of women trying to be sexy librarians. Ya internet you've LIED to me.

What has the internet lied to you about? its ok, let it out. ((eHug))

September 12, 2011

Du'a Pad

After my Ramadan Battle Plan I had a lot of paper and metal bindings leftover that my son decided to play with.  Some of it became UNUSABLE. :(

So I took some paper and create a pad :) that way I could use the good part of the wiring and throw away the mangled part.

[caption id="attachment_3109" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The wiring on the right is similar to the one I used to make the pad on the left. ;)"][/caption]

 I started writing down my du'as or things I wanted and after my fardh prayers I whip out my du'a pad and I go down the list making them as well as inspiring new ones. For qiyam I also whip it out and start making du'as. I did this because I FORGET my du'as and when I am on the spot I fumble and make the 'usual' du'as. Seeing as making du'a is part of worship, Why not take FULL advantage of it?

When I ask for money or wordly things I add

"If it will bring me closer to You, Allah swt please grant it to me and put barakat in it, if not please replace it with that which is better. AMEEN"

This way if I get alhamdulillah! and if I don't its not a problem as its either going to be replaced with something else that is super awesome or answered in the herafter.




[caption id="attachment_3110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is a list of my du'as, had to blurr them"][/caption]

ps, I think I might create some to sell on my Halalify site.

September 4, 2011

Hilal Wars (am righ and you are TOTALLY wrong)

These 'hilal' wars that go on distracts us by giving us a false sense of being 'busy' of actually 'doing something' when in reality all we are doing is fighting over things that will never agree on, until maybe when Imam Mehdi shows up.

If it REALLY mattered to people they would be monitoring the moon every month to determine the hilal, the beginning and end of Islamic month as well as getting experience instead of just paying lip service to the sunnah and creating fights under the guise of unity in the ummah.

Some people from now until the day of judgment (or until Imam Mehdi. Allahu Aalim) will fast 29 and others 30 days. Its not that big of a deal.  What we can all agree on is that NO ONE will be fasting a continuous 28 day fast or a 31 since the Islamic month doesn't accommodate that.

The US Navy monitors the moon very carefully (tides and all)

Crescent Moon Visibility and the Islamic Calendar  (SUBHANAALLAH, super indepth and worth a read.