July 28, 2011

I am leaving BLOGGER

I want to make some posts private and blogger wont let you so am moving to a hosted wordpress.

but what name should i have? I don't like hijabmaster any more but i want to keep my TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD blog name but its too long for a url.

nah I mean?

any suggestions for a domain name?


Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

NOOOOOO lol. nah as long as u dont stop blogging! how about abbreviating TTTOTW.wordpress.com lol or "tuttie takesover" "tutts takeover" something like that? idk!

Kiddy said...

How about dillrowtakeover.worpress.com?

Stephi said...

try "world domination" or "attempted take over" or "the take over" or "planned take over" or "planned domination" or "take over rehearsal" "central world control" or ... want me to keep going? this brainstorm is just starting!

Jennifer said...

How about ttto.____.com