July 2, 2011

am touched! *tears*

I haven't posted because I am in EXTREME hustle mode, two days ago I had an idea of how I can fund me attending NicheHero leadership by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef and I have been trying to make it happen. Alhamdulillah I have raised $804.92 in 24hours! 

So I am making CRAZY amounts of du'a and obsessively looking at my amazon and paypal accounts as if by staring at them they will grow (you never know). Well I got a sponsor that shocked me.

Earlier this month I donated to a charity and that same charity just sponsored me for the SAME amount! I donated anonymously so there is very little chance they knew I was the same person but it left me in awe. MashAllah, when I make it big that charity is gonna me it big with me inshaAllah. 

via Halfdate $189 {http://halfdate.com/2011/07/01/revive-halfdate-24-hours-challenge/}

via ads on Halalify: $615.92 {http://halalify.com/sponsor-me-in-24hrs}

I will be taking the train and there is only ONE departing this Sunday at 7:15 AM. TODAY is my last day to raise the remaining $2,142, make du'a people! I NEEDS your du'as more than anything as nothing can occur without the permission of Allah swt.

what was this GENIUS idea you ask? I was willing to make myself a walking billboard by having people buy ads and the imgs/logos/slogans/saying were going to be uploaded to my digital photo frame attached to my book bag. Had to trash that idea because I have the photo frame that needs to be plugged in instead of the portable battery operated ones so now that photo frame will sit NEXT to me during the seminar instead changing imgs aka sponsors every 5 seconds. :D  

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