June 13, 2011

Why You So Stupid Netflix? (rant)

I chose you guys because you had a GREAT selection and it saves me a trip to the video store. For some time now I noticed that some movies are available to watch instantly and others not but only AFTER I show interests in them. Take the recent incident, I started my Lord of the Rings marathon and I only got through 1/3rd of the movie when I called it quits and went to bed, the 2nd movie had to be ordered and the third could be watched instantly. I didn't think anything of it until I finished the first movie this morning and discovered BOTH the 2nd and 3rd movie now had to be ordered.  That ticks me off. If you are going to interrupt my flow then am jumping ship to a service who doesn't do that. HULU.

It has happened before too when I was watching Monsters Inc multiple times in the week and all of a sudden the next time I tried to watch it was only available via mail. What gives? If this is your attempt for me to keep upgrading to a more expensive plan? if so it didn't work and it has infuriated me. What is the purpose of a program if you can't watch the things you want to watch INSTANTLY when it can be done in other services.

So netflix this is my last month with you. GOOD BYE.

ps, I also put up with your stupid ads that interrupted my internet viewing and those stupid ads you send in your mailings to me. When I signed up to your service I signed up to YOUR VIDEO SERVICE not your mailing list to be pimped to third parties. I am done with you. I can't believe I put up with it this far even though I wanted to leave from the get go

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