June 2, 2011

I ♡ Cloth Diapering


I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING! I did it with my son and I continued with my daughter. SubhanaAllah, these diapers have paid for themselves over and over. I've been meaning to make a diaper post including my stash (ITS HUGE!), my system and how I launder them with ease but everything is so cramped that I can't take pics I am satisfied with. Today after fajr I laundered two days worth of diapers and put them out to sun dry (it sanitizes the diapers AND it removes stains without the need of harsh chemicals).

It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I see them basking in the sun. Life, how I love thee.  Anyone out there share my undying ♡ for cloth diapers? and FLUFFY BUTTS! OMG you can't forget the fluffy butts! I have plenty of pics of my kids in cloth but hubs would be very upset if I post them so I can't. :(  They are just too cute for words, mashaAllah.

These two pics aren't soo great as they were taken with my cell phone camera and I was force to edit them.

This pic was SOOO dark that I tried to lighten it and instead it came out like that.

ps. you see that HOT PINK one from the first pic? yeah, I purchased it before my daughter was born and my son was a newborn...and yes he wore them until he was 6 months old and hubs made me stop.  NO ONE KNEW though so it was all good. I also gave them away to a friend when she started cloth diapering and when she was done she gave them back to me, so these diapers are workhorses.  Now I am using them on my daughter and when she is done I will put them away for the next kiddo if Allah swt blesses me with them. inshaAllah.


AlabasterMuslim said...

lol I have the ones I want saved on amazon because they are super cheap. I just can't afford to spend 450 bucks on the really cute ones, these will cost somewhere around 265 I think.
I had no idea you have to use special soap to clean them or wash them 8-10 times before you can begin using them lol. Oh well, in time I'll get use to it I guess. I am so excited to try them. Plus I'm going to be trying to E.C. (or C.E.) to save some diapers and hopefully have them potty trained by 7 months. I can dream right :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

honey it can be done! many people have EC from the beginning, supposedly its easier when they are young and their cues are easily noticeable by us.

Hunny bunny, don't sweat them someone taught me to boil water and dump the diapers in (ONLY THE COTTON ONES NOT THE DIAPER COVERS OR OTHER FABRICS). Put a dab of dawn dish soap and voila, your diapers are striped of the oils and other stuff before use. That way you don't have to wash them 8-10 to get them to their most absorbent.

VINEGAR softens and CLEANS them, so you technically don't even need soap for any of this. Hanging them out to dry in the sun also sanitizes them. If you do put them in the dryer they come out SUPER fluffy.

btw. you can make your own diapers, they aren't hard and if you send me your email, I will custom make some for you hun. You can provide the fabric or I can. no biggie

Kaighla said...

I love love love love love cloth diapers too! I am a prefold and cover kinda gal. Have tried pockets and found them lacking. My daughter is 5.5 months now and I am really, really interested in E.C. as well. I was cloth diapering my toddler and it SUCKED so thank God he is potty-trained now, cuz that was NASTY. lol. I made a few of my own diapers and covers, and the diapers (from flannel) have worked well but the covers, I guess I just cant get a good pattern,so they always end up too small t cover much.

I hate how, though, when someone holds my daughter, they always assume she has a dirty diaper because it is so bulky and soft. lol

ummaadam said...

good onya mashaAllah :)

i love cloth toooo

saving the enviornment one nappy at a time! :D

LovieDrea said...

As salam alaykum!! I'm so excited to find out that you cloth diaper. I am pregnant now and was wondering what you use to cloth diaper a newborn??

.::Tuttie::. said...

@LovieDrea. MASHAALLAH! MABROOK! mabrook!

I use pre folds A LOT because they are affordable, versatile and dry QUICKLY. They were also the only ones that kept my newborns explosive poop in check.

@She's Reaching, I will after Ramadan, as most of my stash has been put away and I am still recovering.

alhamdulillah for your comments :D