June 23, 2011

Du'a Request: Abeerah

via Tayyaba Beg: "Just moved her [Abeerah] from ER to in a room. Her vitals are not stable without oxygen."

May Allah swt grant her complete shifaa from all that is ailing her. AMEEN

Read their complete story HERE

MPS is a rare, fatal genetic disorder.
 Children affected with MPS are missing an enzyme that breaks down strings of a complex body sugar called heparin sulfate. The partially broken down sugar, or muccopolysaccharide, accumulates in the brain and other organs causing progressive damage.

Children with Sanfilippo appear normal at birth and will develop normally for the first year or two, but as more cells become damaged symptoms begin to appear. Eventually the build up of muccopolysaccharides causes hyperactivity, hearing loss, sleep disorders, loss of speech,  mental retardation,
blindness, dementia, and finally death.

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