June 26, 2011


I am in love with chick flicks! There I said. I hate myself for it but I can't stop! I just can't! Even in their corniness and utter improbable scenarios I still watch them. I didn't like them before and I would itch the moment they would go on but now..I SEEK THEM.  *GASP* WHAT IS GOING ON?!  Is it menopause? but am 25!

Its like I am becoming all the things I DESPISED and MOCKED with a passion...I started wearing pink *gasp* Me, the military tomboy dressing like a girl. Its the end of the world yall! There is no other explanation.  NONE.  

ps....and my blog is now pink, I bought pink converse for my bint, frilly dresses and other pink stuff. OH DEAR LORD aliens are taking over me!

all second hand...JUST LIKE I LOVE 'EM! The one with the tag was new but I didn't know it at the time.

June 23, 2011

Du'a Request: Abeerah

via Tayyaba Beg: "Just moved her [Abeerah] from ER to in a room. Her vitals are not stable without oxygen."

May Allah swt grant her complete shifaa from all that is ailing her. AMEEN

Read their complete story HERE

MPS is a rare, fatal genetic disorder.
 Children affected with MPS are missing an enzyme that breaks down strings of a complex body sugar called heparin sulfate. The partially broken down sugar, or muccopolysaccharide, accumulates in the brain and other organs causing progressive damage.

Children with Sanfilippo appear normal at birth and will develop normally for the first year or two, but as more cells become damaged symptoms begin to appear. Eventually the build up of muccopolysaccharides causes hyperactivity, hearing loss, sleep disorders, loss of speech,  mental retardation,
blindness, dementia, and finally death.

June 13, 2011

Why You So Stupid Netflix? (rant)

I chose you guys because you had a GREAT selection and it saves me a trip to the video store. For some time now I noticed that some movies are available to watch instantly and others not but only AFTER I show interests in them. Take the recent incident, I started my Lord of the Rings marathon and I only got through 1/3rd of the movie when I called it quits and went to bed, the 2nd movie had to be ordered and the third could be watched instantly. I didn't think anything of it until I finished the first movie this morning and discovered BOTH the 2nd and 3rd movie now had to be ordered.  That ticks me off. If you are going to interrupt my flow then am jumping ship to a service who doesn't do that. HULU.

It has happened before too when I was watching Monsters Inc multiple times in the week and all of a sudden the next time I tried to watch it was only available via mail. What gives? If this is your attempt for me to keep upgrading to a more expensive plan? if so it didn't work and it has infuriated me. What is the purpose of a program if you can't watch the things you want to watch INSTANTLY when it can be done in other services.

So netflix this is my last month with you. GOOD BYE.

ps, I also put up with your stupid ads that interrupted my internet viewing and those stupid ads you send in your mailings to me. When I signed up to your service I signed up to YOUR VIDEO SERVICE not your mailing list to be pimped to third parties. I am done with you. I can't believe I put up with it this far even though I wanted to leave from the get go

June 12, 2011

thats the TRUTH

"if you force me upon your point of view, then be sure that I'm still upon mine."

ps. good to keep in mind for dawah, raising children, dealing with difficult people and just to have a better quality of life. :)

June 5, 2011

I Screwed Up...BIG

I stuck my foot so far in my mouth I don't know how to untangle myself. I hurt one of my inlaws by being too frank with them.  I thought I was 'keeping it real' but maybe it was just keeping it rude. :(

I spoke to her the way I want someone to speak to me, she was being delusional. My first tactic was to avoid this conversation for MONTHS by sugar coating my words or by just saying "pray istikhara and go with that." She took offense to that and demanded I be real with her and when I was she wont talk to me now. She started coming up with excuses to why we can't get together, stopped answering my calls and right now we are in a class together and is staying far, far, far away. I got the message so I am staying away from her as well, no use forcing myself on someone who clearly doesn't want me around.

My mom told me growing up to never get involved in married people's issues as the next day,they makeup and you end up looking the fool. KNOWING this I decided to get involved and bam I screwed up. Should have continued to sugar coat my words. I am an idiot.

Anyway, now my feelings are hurt because it looks like I am being punished since we have a lot of friends in common and they are giving me their salaams from far but wont come close.  They have known her since birth and I only became Muslim 5 yrs ago so I understand their loyalty and don't blame them.  Its not even subtle

I am hurt but in a way I guess I deserve it. Should have had more mercy in my speech when I spoke to her.  Her reality and what I had to say were a hard pill to swallow and kindness would have gotten me farther. 


June 3, 2011

This is gross but am compelled to share....

Click on the picture to enlarge

LET ME EXPLAIN! When my daughter was a newborn we had a poopy diaper EXPLOSION and while I changed her the above pants got lost in the mess.  BIG MESS.  So yesterday while I was going through bags of clothes in storage, I found them, cringed and hoped no one else saw them. EWWW.  Anyway, that kind of set in stain was going to be hard to remove and I am not keen on clorox, so I used the sun.

The first picture shows the stain after I rubbed water in and scrubbed a little. The second shows after it has been in the sun for about 2-3 hours and the last after almost 6 hrs in the sun.  There is still some very minimal staining and I think I will use something like oxyclean (unless I hear is super toxic) to remove the rest.  Over all the sun is TOO COOL! mashaAllah. Had the stain been from the same day the sun removes it COMPLETELY subhanaAllah.

I only get sun from sunrise to dhuhr so the pictures have different lighting that I didn't think off until much later so there is a lighting discrepancy. 

I know its gross but take in to consideration that I have been sick, the miscarriage and having a newborn as well as toddler things got lost in the mix. GROSS. but it happens.

June 2, 2011

I ♡ Cloth Diapering


I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING! I did it with my son and I continued with my daughter. SubhanaAllah, these diapers have paid for themselves over and over. I've been meaning to make a diaper post including my stash (ITS HUGE!), my system and how I launder them with ease but everything is so cramped that I can't take pics I am satisfied with. Today after fajr I laundered two days worth of diapers and put them out to sun dry (it sanitizes the diapers AND it removes stains without the need of harsh chemicals).

It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I see them basking in the sun. Life, how I love thee.  Anyone out there share my undying ♡ for cloth diapers? and FLUFFY BUTTS! OMG you can't forget the fluffy butts! I have plenty of pics of my kids in cloth but hubs would be very upset if I post them so I can't. :(  They are just too cute for words, mashaAllah.

These two pics aren't soo great as they were taken with my cell phone camera and I was force to edit them.

This pic was SOOO dark that I tried to lighten it and instead it came out like that.

ps. you see that HOT PINK one from the first pic? yeah, I purchased it before my daughter was born and my son was a newborn...and yes he wore them until he was 6 months old and hubs made me stop.  NO ONE KNEW though so it was all good. I also gave them away to a friend when she started cloth diapering and when she was done she gave them back to me, so these diapers are workhorses.  Now I am using them on my daughter and when she is done I will put them away for the next kiddo if Allah swt blesses me with them. inshaAllah.