May 20, 2011

Trifling Machines of INFINITE CUTENESS!

am on to you!

So I purchased this cutie (Portable Mini 2-speed Sewing Machine with 100 Piece Kit) and it works! SHOCKINGLY  it works! Isn't that a sad day when you purchase something that says it does something but you are so happy when it turns out it's true! aww, trifling marketers and their cons!

I am very impressed with this cutie but there is a downside, I didn't realized it was battery operated. I can still make it work if I buy rechargeable batteries and they can in turn be used with my son's toys too so it wouldn't be too much of a strain.

Another problem is that the "off" button and the "on" button do the same speeds it up at DOUBLE SPEED! DANGEROUS! I mean really dangerous. So in order for me to change or thread my needle I will need to remove the batteries first, press the tiny little foot pedal to make sure the 'electricity' has been drained.

Because of the OBVIOUS danger to personal safety, should I return it or just keep it and take precautions?

I worked with heavy duty industrial machines at my moms factory, you know the ones that pull, cut and well as some who have 8 inch exposed blades SOOOOO I am pretty good with the precautions but then again those machines are MONSTROUS looking! this one is soo "am dainty and cute like a butterfly on a warm summer night, I just wanna be loved, will you love me?" 

and then BAM! you are in the emergency room with a missing arm! vile trifling machines.


Hajar said...

I honestly thought that was a toy sewing machine! It's too cute!!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Hajar. NO I WOULD NEVER EVER buy this for a child. but for me its PURRFECT! It works like a dream.

If it breaks down on me I wont be throwing it out or buying a new one...I shall fix it mah self! (inshaAllah)

.::Tuttie::. said...

That gunho attitude didn't last long, I am sending it back, it has way too many issues.