May 3, 2011

May she heal completely

When I heard about Lara Logan's sexual assault at first I didn't want to believe it because I am so fond of her and as a survivor of sexual violence I NEVER EVER want another human being to experience it. I made du'a that it wasn't true that inshaAllah it never happened.  When it was confirmed my heart sunk and I made du'a for her and against her attackers. 

After hearing her talk about her attack, I cried. May Allah swt heal her physical, emotional and spiritual wounds completely and may this not break her spirit. AMEEN.
to see the full interview go to (it has ads)

May the women who closed ranks around her and tried to protect her be rewarded and kept safe from experiencing this evil. AMEEN. 

May her attackers, instigators and facilitators of this assault on her be brought to justice, may they be shamed publicly and be known publicly as sexual offenders. AMEEN.  They think they have gotten away with this crime but we may not know your names or faces but Allah swt does know and on the day of judgment you will have to account for your transgression on her.  You wont have anonymity then.

May my progeny never experience such evils or perpetrate such evils on anyone else. AMEEN.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Subhanallah I watched that interview. Soo sad :( Ameen to your dua and may all of our progeny ever have to experience anything like that! ameen.

Modest Style Guide said...

as soon as i heard that 1 second clip of her saying stop i started bawling my eyes out, you can hear it through her voice. her attackers are just animals how could there be so many of them, none of the men in the crowd tried to stop them?? its just sick. Ameen to all your dua and also may my progeny never experience such evils or perpetrate such evils on anyone else. AMEEN.

Rubber said...

i dont know what is wrong with people nowadays and i dont get other people being blind and not seeing this shite in this world. i feel helpless when i see this.