May 18, 2011

I want to quit blogging

I love blogging  and getting my thoughts organized and splattered all over the web BUT I just got hired to write articles (tentative offer). YAY! but now apparently they need me to have a more professional blog and I also have a stalker I have not been able to brush how do I move to another blogging platform and let you all know but not the stalker? decisions, decisions. decisions.

Another thing I was grappling with was how I was going to sign those articles but thanks to some help from my niqabis on facebook page that has been resolved.  I was thinking of signing with my real name but a friend who has done that and is still dealing with the repercussion warned me against it. PLUS if ppl knew my name they could just google me and show up at my house. SCARY AS HECK!

What would  YOU do?

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