May 17, 2011

I submitted my application to FIT NYC!

now its the waiting game...will I be accepted? INSHAALLAH! Making du'a and starting to apply for scholarships.  WOW I only procrastinated for nearly THREE years.  subhanaAllah.

Life is exciting again, I am making moves seeing if it pans out, make some more and overall taking charge of my life.  Ramit's class is REALLY helping me out and I am getting better and better at pitching ethically. Its amazing how much we hold ourselves back based on misinformation and insecurities.

Like he says and I am paraphrasing, a year from now you will be one year older, what would you like to be doing  with yourself?


Kiddy said...

You mean like he says,your husband you mean?I guess he's worried about age.

AlabasterMuslim said...

wow Tuttie, RAMIT IS YOUR HUSBAND? I'm glad I read comments, they are soo insightful :P
hehe inshallah you will be accepted!!