May 6, 2011

ha, ha, ha

so am bothering the crap out of my husband while he is at work texting him my version of corny love songs and making them even cornier (its a passion of ours).  After beautifully belting/texting R-Kelly's masterpiece I Believe I Can Fly my son gets up and tells me, "ma, am leaving be back Isha (night prayer mind you its early dhuhr)."


Who does this little boy think he is dictating his comings and goings? He thinks he's grown! He is 2.5 years old and needs to sit back down and finish his food.  Anyway, I found it hilarious enough NOT to laugh in front of him but I did text my hubby with what he said.  Hubs texts me back

"Maybe he can't stand your singing. lol"

yeah, wait until you get home.

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kakchik said...

LOL... and I can smell the happiness in your relationship. I'm smiling here.