April 19, 2011

So 3 years later I contacted someone....I am fast like that

In the fall of 2008 I was heavily pregnant with my first child and had recently discovered how AWESOME CT libraries were. I mean seriously people they had the most updated books on any topic AND you could request books from college libraries and it would be delivered to your local library....a homeschooling dream.
I mean LOOK at these pics and this is just the children's section.... :( God I miss those libraries

Wallingford Library Dedication-224

Ice Cream Cone 2

Gameboard 012



Wallingford Library Dedication-170

MashaAllah, I digressed.... While I was waddling my way through a book worm's dream and delight of a library I saw this dude who I thought had made these BEAUTIFUL and STURDY bookshelves and I wanted to get his contact info.  My husband and I always wanted to have an Islamic library and his books bend ALL the shelves we tried so we thought we might as well invest in some good shelves that are made specifically to handle high volume of books.

Anyway, while I was biting my nails to approach him I bumped into another guy who was photographing the shelves and my ADD kicked him and totally forgot about the shelves. We talked and he was giving me tips on how I could become a freelancing photographer (a deferred dream of mine) and he gave me his card and told me to call him the following Wednesday. My social anxiety kicked in and I chickened out (this was during the time I was JUST starting to deal with it so it was pretty bad and just talking to him was a huge step). They had brought him all the way from Massachusetts (mashaAllah) for the photo shoot and seemed interested in mentoring me.  I was wearing full niqab gear and dude didn't blink an eye or seemed uncomfortable talking to me.  (Side note: I don't think he took the pics above as he was there for a special occasion).

So yesterday after wanting to email him and staring at his disintegrating card FOREVER subhanaAllah, can't tell you how many times I just stared at it. I did it! I asked a couple of questions and I am waiting for a response. I feel like such a geek but he is such a wealth of information and experience plus if I finally decide to pursue freelancing then he might make an excellent mentor.

Have you ever delayed getting back to someone? How did you convince yourself to take the plunge?  Me? I thought that his card already had wear and tear of being in my wallet and if I lost it I would be very upset with myself. Now, even if he doesn't get back to me its all good because at least I tried and didn't leave it up to chance.  I can now move on to other things as this is no longer hanging over my head and taking up precious brain space. BABY STEPS!


Nikki said...

Where is this beautiful library!? I love my local library, don't get me wrong, but it is nothing like this.... I'm currently back in school to get my library license and am a big library nerd, lol. I would love to take my son somewhere like this.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Nikki. This was in Wallingford CT. My son was born and then we moved from such a great location. :( I miss their GORGEOUS libraries. Once I moved back to my home state I realized how spoiled I had been. My library has tech books from the early 90's forget anything recent and the children section is just one tiny bookshelf and the books are old and torn. :(

If only I could have these libraries back. I MISS 'EM!