February 6, 2011

OMG! in order to save the UNIVERSE(s) Peter must become polygamous!

so am watching FRINGE  (I wrote about this obsession before here in this post) episode Concentrate and Ask Again. AND we find out that whoever Peter (played by Joshua Jackson) ends up with her universe will be saved and the one he doesn't her universe will be destroyed.  BAM! Who will he choose OUR Olivia or THEIRS (parallel universe) Fauxlivia?  Whoever gets rejected her and billions of other lives will be extinguished.

BUT WAIT! there is another solution! YOU CAN SAVE BOTH WORLDS PETER! Become Muslim and be polygamous. PROBLEM SOLVED.  (insert smug smile here).

I should contact J. J. Abrams and let him know I solved the conundrum. 

Seriously, though imagine if a dude came up to you and was all "baby, you need to understand that I MUST marry YOU and HER or else two universes will DIE!" NOW there is a creative proposal. 

Also for FRINGE fans out there remember the previous episode when the Observer was all like "it must be difficult being a father" to Peter before he shoots him with the field force gun and knocks him out?  I was jumping up and down like OOOOOOOO EEEEEMMMMMMM GGGGGEEEEEEEE! FAUXLIVIA IS PREGGERS!

I mean why else mention it?  we know he hasn't done anything with OUR Olivia but he did with Fauxlivia.  Maybe that's why when Fauxlivia left to the alternate universe she was caught with pictures of Peter in her bag.  At first I though "DANG girl caught feelings" but now am thinking "NOT ONLY did girl catch feelings she may have been pregnant and took that for her child to let them know this is yo father KWIM?

So this is what I think is gonna happen, Peter is going to choose OUR Olivia to save face and then somehow he is going to find out HOLY SHATNER Fauxlivia is preggers with his child and he wont want to destroy that universe because his kid is there.  Also remember when the Observer tells the other Observer about Walter and how he is going to let Peter go?  Meaning he was willing to risk Peter's life in order to save the girl?  

I THINK that it means Walter will accept Peter's choice of going to the other side since now Peter is a father. ALSO Peter becoming a father will make him understand why Walter did the things he did because now he is in Walter's shoes. OHHH The possibilities!!

omg omg omg omg I have more!

I mean COME ON! How could the nerd in me resist such topics? ^^ It can't I tell you. It can't. I haven't seen LOST but seeing as I became addicted as heck to FRINGE its probably a good idea not to watch it. Its also the from the writers of Transformers.

I was set up! I MUST WATCH!

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.::Tuttie::. said...

AL! what are you doing!!!! You know I have netflix and YOU KNOW about my tv addictions now you are trying to turn me over to a highly addictive show AND giving me the venue for it?!

shame on you!