January 13, 2011

would LOVE to win this home but....

I am a HUGE fan of HGTV's programming and LOVE their annual Dream Home Sweepstakes. Every year since 2006 I have dreamt about winning it and for the duration of the contest I dream. I dream about what I would do with the money or the house.

SELL it! 
NO! KEEP it! 
I DON'T KNOW! Stop asking me!

yeah, its good to dream.  This year I entered like I always enter and for the first time I am actually making du'a I DON'T win it.  Weird but after doing research on past winners and the vitriol said about them. Its NOT worth it.  If they were calling FOUL on a Katrima survivor winning the house and money in 2010, imagine what would be said if a MUSLIM wins it? and a NIQABI at that.  With the current state of affairs of political nastiness, people firing in to a crowd, attempting to kill a congresswoman and killing a 9 yr old and a federal judge instead.  The rampant Islamophobia, opposition to the community center NEAR ground zero as well as all the other masajid around the country.  Oh, and lets not forget Europe's fascination with banning the niqab as well as our Canadian neighbors.

If people were already suspecting that the contest was rigged AND they were mad that one person didn't show enough gratitude, that another didn't deserve it because he already owned a home or that a Katrina survivor with an autistic adult son were chosen, I think they would riot if I won.  I fit too many hot topic issues a Muslim woman, who wears niqab, who is a latin immigrant and a stay at home mom.  People get angry when they feel they were not playing on an equal footing and then to have it go to a member of a group that its ok to be racist against is just too much. 

I think some crazy might attempt to burn the house down because a Muslim doesn't deserve it or down right attempt to take the winner's life.  I am still dreaming though, it is  a pretty house and I love real estate just that from today on I wont be entering anymore (there are 35days left to the contest).   Anyone entering?

ps. I like to browse online real estate postings to see the inside of homes, how it was decorated, pricing strategy and s on.  SO this Dream Home with 360* views and unlimited pictures is a wet dream for a real estate stalker like me....also adds to my terror of some crazy knowing the EXACT schematics and blue print.

{EDIT} my tap water is usually pretty good but after some work it is giving me FOUL smelling water so am drinking gatorade lemon lime and UGH it taste like salty water.  EWW! Alhamdulillah that  I had and soon inshaAllah will have clean water again.  Didn't appreciate it until it was gone.  

{EDIT} LET ME DREAM! This is an elaborate dream in my head so don't kill it!  They can't take my dreams! 


AlabasterMuslim said...

I entered every single day for the very first place that was in North Carolina I believe. That was a dream for me.
Kind of lost my hope when they had a little disclaimer saying they choose you basically on how you look.

I know this wasn't your main point but the niqab hating is scary. Like I said before, I'd be out of here if the niqab was every actually banned. Especially because then they will start working on khimar/abaya altogether. Inshallah they won't, but watch what comes up next in France.

.::Tuttie::. said...

they do a background check of the winner and if it might reflect negatively on the sponsor they chuck it and grab another and they keep repeating it until they find someone "suitable".

inshaAllah they don't ban it here.