January 13, 2011

taking pictures of hijabs is harder than it looks

for the last couple of days I have been working on photographing and setting up hijabs for sale and OMG is it difficult. First I tried it just wrapping it  on a dress form mannequin and it looked like a plain o' scarf.  Then I tried all kinds of creative ways but it still ended up looking like a scarf.  Finally had to dish out a couple of dollars to buy a head mannequin fell in love with one that reminded me of a flapper from the 20's but I could already hear the army of haraam police on their way.  but dang was she a cutie!

I grudgingly bought a plain gold and white shiny head mannequins and like magic scarves became hijabs. YEAH BABY! I decided that my plain white wall would do just fine as a background but boy was I mistaken.  Photoshop was not very friendly towards my clearly amazing pictures.  :(  SO I then tried to get fancy with a "green screen" aka green towel...yeah its like that.  It worked until my toddler moved my lights.  Now I am spending just as many minutes trying to remove the background as I was with the plain white wall. 

All awesome hijab picture taking experts...I salute you.  AND if you would like to share some insights with me that would totally be awesome!

ps....will need to photograph all 160 something hijabs.  not cool


AlabasterMuslim said...

But once the moolah starts coming in inshallah, it'll be worth it!! :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

thats what am hoping! inshaAllah! so need to purchase my own camera too.