January 19, 2011

Show some compassion, Dammit!

I think when people around us loose their pets we don't show them enough compassion.  Its like we are constantly reminding them that there are WORST things happening like genocide, famines, tsunamis etc. etc.

Anas ibn-Malek (RA) said that the Prophet (SAWS) used to visit um-Sulaym[15] whose son was nicknamed abu-Omayr (i.e. father of Omayr). One time, The Prophet found him sad. He asked for the reason and was told that his small bird Nughayr [16] died. The Prophet (SAWS) then joked with him and said, “O father of Omayr! What did the Nughayr do?" [17]
The Prophet (SAWS) did not underestimate the feelings of loss and sadness which the little boy felt. He shared his feelings and even joked with him about it to cheer him up. Some may say that abu-Omayr was merely the brother of Anas (RA), who was serving the Prophet (SAWS). Yet that did not deter the Prophet (SAWS) from visiting his home, being kind to him, and learning of his news.
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Let's practice the sunnah, not just play lip service to it.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I can totally understand when someone feels sad over a pet dying, as they became attached to it. Except when they are wayy in love with their dog, since they shouldn't be chilling with a dog anyway. A lot of people go overboard when a pet dies (at least the people I've seen). In my own experience my dog that we had in the family since I was three died of cancer. It was sad but I just moved on.

Little Auntie said...

Asalamau alaykum,
Just landed on your blog and this post actually really enlightened me. Jazakillah! I agree though with Alabaster about the 'dogs' though.