January 20, 2011

Mental BLEACH!!!

I was watching Modern Family's "Caught in the Act" episode and left me laughing my butt off and grimacing at the same time.  What did I take away from killing 21 minutes of my time? BUY A LOCK for your bedroom so you don't scar you children for life.

I think children can live without EVER seeing their parents doing it. EWW! EWW! EWW! As soon as we have our own apartment my son who is now 27 months will be getting his own room. I think the cutoff date for each child will also be 27 months MAX. I LOVE co-sleeping with my children but I think 3 yrs old is a bit too old to still be in our bed. Ideally I would have weaned him at 24 months but we are living in a room in the in laws house so that wasn't happening.

Also as I am getting used to this parenting thing, disciplining and setting boundaries ISN'T that hard.  Sure the kids test you but they are TODDLERS and they NEED boundaries set my an adult. Be fair and consistent.  Now the teenage years are a whole different story and I hope the foundation we are laying down now will make it easier for us to parent.  I feel that you either put in the time NOW when they are young and establish a relationship of trust and respect or you try doing it LATER when its harder and they have more outside influences.

ps don't hate...make du'a for me.  May Allah swt give me the wisdom to  parent my children correctly. ameen.


Yara said...

You are on the right path. It's so true!

I see loads of parents and some lousy care workers saying "they're just kids, them them do whatever and play" ermmm WRONG!

They can play absolutely, but if they don't tidy up after one toy, another isn't coming out. Simple. It teaches them dicipline and boundaries. Also it helps them to respect things and to take care of stuff, not just trash it and leave it anywhere to get lost or broken. Even worse if they grow up to think "oh, mum/maid/carer will just do it". As that isn't life, independance is a great thing for a child to learn also....I could write a book about it so i'll stop here.

If you don't have household rules then it will be incredibly hard to teach them when they are older.

So, *pats you on the back* : )

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Yara, I KNOW!! If people only realized that taking the easy road now by not disciplining they will be facing an uphill battle later! Not that it can't be done its just so darn difficult and lets face it, if you were to lazy to do it when it was a piece of cake, I doubt you will do it when the kid has crazy hormones running around.

the odds are just stacked against youl