September 27, 2011

I was going for sexy librarian but got this instead


I bought those glasses because there was a$1 special going on and because they 'sorta' look my style but it didn't work out. :( I have no idea what that book is about I chose it because it conveyed the message without having actual pictures of women trying to be sexy librarians. Ya internet you've LIED to me.

What has the internet lied to you about? its ok, let it out. ((eHug))

September 12, 2011

Du'a Pad

After my Ramadan Battle Plan I had a lot of paper and metal bindings leftover that my son decided to play with.  Some of it became UNUSABLE. :(

So I took some paper and create a pad :) that way I could use the good part of the wiring and throw away the mangled part.

[caption id="attachment_3109" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The wiring on the right is similar to the one I used to make the pad on the left. ;)"][/caption]

 I started writing down my du'as or things I wanted and after my fardh prayers I whip out my du'a pad and I go down the list making them as well as inspiring new ones. For qiyam I also whip it out and start making du'as. I did this because I FORGET my du'as and when I am on the spot I fumble and make the 'usual' du'as. Seeing as making du'a is part of worship, Why not take FULL advantage of it?

When I ask for money or wordly things I add

"If it will bring me closer to You, Allah swt please grant it to me and put barakat in it, if not please replace it with that which is better. AMEEN"

This way if I get alhamdulillah! and if I don't its not a problem as its either going to be replaced with something else that is super awesome or answered in the herafter.




[caption id="attachment_3110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="This is a list of my du'as, had to blurr them"][/caption]

ps, I think I might create some to sell on my Halalify site.

September 4, 2011

Hilal Wars (am righ and you are TOTALLY wrong)

These 'hilal' wars that go on distracts us by giving us a false sense of being 'busy' of actually 'doing something' when in reality all we are doing is fighting over things that will never agree on, until maybe when Imam Mehdi shows up.

If it REALLY mattered to people they would be monitoring the moon every month to determine the hilal, the beginning and end of Islamic month as well as getting experience instead of just paying lip service to the sunnah and creating fights under the guise of unity in the ummah.

Some people from now until the day of judgment (or until Imam Mehdi. Allahu Aalim) will fast 29 and others 30 days. Its not that big of a deal.  What we can all agree on is that NO ONE will be fasting a continuous 28 day fast or a 31 since the Islamic month doesn't accommodate that.

The US Navy monitors the moon very carefully (tides and all)

Crescent Moon Visibility and the Islamic Calendar  (SUBHANAALLAH, super indepth and worth a read.

August 4, 2011

The french taliban

The Taliban, if a woman was dressed inappropriately, would send a police squad and drag her away to face imprisonment, even as she screamed her innocence.
Thank God, France also learned such progressive and democratic values to implement in their liberal democracy, where freedom reigns for all:

Cheating at Laylatul Qadr

I am known for trying to streamline things and sometimes that gets me in trouble but when it works its just BEAUTIFUL.  Take the following hadith,

August 2, 2011



I moved to wordpress alhamdulillah, by clicking on any of my previous posts it should for the most part redirect you to my new home. WA SALAAAM

July 28, 2011

I am leaving BLOGGER

I want to make some posts private and blogger wont let you so am moving to a hosted wordpress.

but what name should i have? I don't like hijabmaster any more but i want to keep my TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD blog name but its too long for a url.

nah I mean?

any suggestions for a domain name?

Help East Africa....Ange from Mama, I married a Masri

I am participating in Ange's initiative to donate and bring attention to the famine going on in East Africa.  --->
You can help by:

1. Making du'a
    via Anne: Ya ALLAH, please bless the people of Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethiopia who are affected by the famine. Please grant them relief, please comfort them and reward them for their suffering, and please let us who are not affected by it step up and help our brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity, Ameen!
    2. Donating via your choice of charity or through the chipin below.

    3. Raising awareness by blogging about it and copy the code from the chipin and post it on your blog. :D

      July 27, 2011


      You're welcome
      taken from 22words

      July 19, 2011

      Birthday cheer (yaaay!)

      Hubs: aren't you 26?
      Me: NOOO! I am 25 until July 19.

      Hubs: live up these last 15 days. Because after your 25 everything its downhill like the end part of a roller coaster just keeps on going down really fast until you end up on the ground.

      He said that 2 weeks ago.  :) what a ray of sunshine he is :) Alhamdulillah.  

      July 2, 2011

      am touched! *tears*

      I haven't posted because I am in EXTREME hustle mode, two days ago I had an idea of how I can fund me attending NicheHero leadership by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef and I have been trying to make it happen. Alhamdulillah I have raised $804.92 in 24hours! 

      So I am making CRAZY amounts of du'a and obsessively looking at my amazon and paypal accounts as if by staring at them they will grow (you never know). Well I got a sponsor that shocked me.

      Earlier this month I donated to a charity and that same charity just sponsored me for the SAME amount! I donated anonymously so there is very little chance they knew I was the same person but it left me in awe. MashAllah, when I make it big that charity is gonna me it big with me inshaAllah. 

      via Halfdate $189 {}

      via ads on Halalify: $615.92 {}

      I will be taking the train and there is only ONE departing this Sunday at 7:15 AM. TODAY is my last day to raise the remaining $2,142, make du'a people! I NEEDS your du'as more than anything as nothing can occur without the permission of Allah swt.

      what was this GENIUS idea you ask? I was willing to make myself a walking billboard by having people buy ads and the imgs/logos/slogans/saying were going to be uploaded to my digital photo frame attached to my book bag. Had to trash that idea because I have the photo frame that needs to be plugged in instead of the portable battery operated ones so now that photo frame will sit NEXT to me during the seminar instead changing imgs aka sponsors every 5 seconds. :D  

      June 26, 2011


      I am in love with chick flicks! There I said. I hate myself for it but I can't stop! I just can't! Even in their corniness and utter improbable scenarios I still watch them. I didn't like them before and I would itch the moment they would go on but now..I SEEK THEM.  *GASP* WHAT IS GOING ON?!  Is it menopause? but am 25!

      Its like I am becoming all the things I DESPISED and MOCKED with a passion...I started wearing pink *gasp* Me, the military tomboy dressing like a girl. Its the end of the world yall! There is no other explanation.  NONE.  

      ps....and my blog is now pink, I bought pink converse for my bint, frilly dresses and other pink stuff. OH DEAR LORD aliens are taking over me!

      all second hand...JUST LIKE I LOVE 'EM! The one with the tag was new but I didn't know it at the time.

      June 23, 2011

      Du'a Request: Abeerah

      via Tayyaba Beg: "Just moved her [Abeerah] from ER to in a room. Her vitals are not stable without oxygen."

      May Allah swt grant her complete shifaa from all that is ailing her. AMEEN

      Read their complete story HERE

      MPS is a rare, fatal genetic disorder.
       Children affected with MPS are missing an enzyme that breaks down strings of a complex body sugar called heparin sulfate. The partially broken down sugar, or muccopolysaccharide, accumulates in the brain and other organs causing progressive damage.

      Children with Sanfilippo appear normal at birth and will develop normally for the first year or two, but as more cells become damaged symptoms begin to appear. Eventually the build up of muccopolysaccharides causes hyperactivity, hearing loss, sleep disorders, loss of speech,  mental retardation,
      blindness, dementia, and finally death.

      June 13, 2011

      Why You So Stupid Netflix? (rant)

      I chose you guys because you had a GREAT selection and it saves me a trip to the video store. For some time now I noticed that some movies are available to watch instantly and others not but only AFTER I show interests in them. Take the recent incident, I started my Lord of the Rings marathon and I only got through 1/3rd of the movie when I called it quits and went to bed, the 2nd movie had to be ordered and the third could be watched instantly. I didn't think anything of it until I finished the first movie this morning and discovered BOTH the 2nd and 3rd movie now had to be ordered.  That ticks me off. If you are going to interrupt my flow then am jumping ship to a service who doesn't do that. HULU.

      It has happened before too when I was watching Monsters Inc multiple times in the week and all of a sudden the next time I tried to watch it was only available via mail. What gives? If this is your attempt for me to keep upgrading to a more expensive plan? if so it didn't work and it has infuriated me. What is the purpose of a program if you can't watch the things you want to watch INSTANTLY when it can be done in other services.

      So netflix this is my last month with you. GOOD BYE.

      ps, I also put up with your stupid ads that interrupted my internet viewing and those stupid ads you send in your mailings to me. When I signed up to your service I signed up to YOUR VIDEO SERVICE not your mailing list to be pimped to third parties. I am done with you. I can't believe I put up with it this far even though I wanted to leave from the get go

      June 12, 2011

      thats the TRUTH

      "if you force me upon your point of view, then be sure that I'm still upon mine."

      ps. good to keep in mind for dawah, raising children, dealing with difficult people and just to have a better quality of life. :)

      June 5, 2011

      I Screwed Up...BIG

      I stuck my foot so far in my mouth I don't know how to untangle myself. I hurt one of my inlaws by being too frank with them.  I thought I was 'keeping it real' but maybe it was just keeping it rude. :(

      I spoke to her the way I want someone to speak to me, she was being delusional. My first tactic was to avoid this conversation for MONTHS by sugar coating my words or by just saying "pray istikhara and go with that." She took offense to that and demanded I be real with her and when I was she wont talk to me now. She started coming up with excuses to why we can't get together, stopped answering my calls and right now we are in a class together and is staying far, far, far away. I got the message so I am staying away from her as well, no use forcing myself on someone who clearly doesn't want me around.

      My mom told me growing up to never get involved in married people's issues as the next day,they makeup and you end up looking the fool. KNOWING this I decided to get involved and bam I screwed up. Should have continued to sugar coat my words. I am an idiot.

      Anyway, now my feelings are hurt because it looks like I am being punished since we have a lot of friends in common and they are giving me their salaams from far but wont come close.  They have known her since birth and I only became Muslim 5 yrs ago so I understand their loyalty and don't blame them.  Its not even subtle

      I am hurt but in a way I guess I deserve it. Should have had more mercy in my speech when I spoke to her.  Her reality and what I had to say were a hard pill to swallow and kindness would have gotten me farther. 


      June 3, 2011

      This is gross but am compelled to share....

      Click on the picture to enlarge

      LET ME EXPLAIN! When my daughter was a newborn we had a poopy diaper EXPLOSION and while I changed her the above pants got lost in the mess.  BIG MESS.  So yesterday while I was going through bags of clothes in storage, I found them, cringed and hoped no one else saw them. EWWW.  Anyway, that kind of set in stain was going to be hard to remove and I am not keen on clorox, so I used the sun.

      The first picture shows the stain after I rubbed water in and scrubbed a little. The second shows after it has been in the sun for about 2-3 hours and the last after almost 6 hrs in the sun.  There is still some very minimal staining and I think I will use something like oxyclean (unless I hear is super toxic) to remove the rest.  Over all the sun is TOO COOL! mashaAllah. Had the stain been from the same day the sun removes it COMPLETELY subhanaAllah.

      I only get sun from sunrise to dhuhr so the pictures have different lighting that I didn't think off until much later so there is a lighting discrepancy. 

      I know its gross but take in to consideration that I have been sick, the miscarriage and having a newborn as well as toddler things got lost in the mix. GROSS. but it happens.

      June 2, 2011

      I ♡ Cloth Diapering


      I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING! I did it with my son and I continued with my daughter. SubhanaAllah, these diapers have paid for themselves over and over. I've been meaning to make a diaper post including my stash (ITS HUGE!), my system and how I launder them with ease but everything is so cramped that I can't take pics I am satisfied with. Today after fajr I laundered two days worth of diapers and put them out to sun dry (it sanitizes the diapers AND it removes stains without the need of harsh chemicals).

      It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I see them basking in the sun. Life, how I love thee.  Anyone out there share my undying ♡ for cloth diapers? and FLUFFY BUTTS! OMG you can't forget the fluffy butts! I have plenty of pics of my kids in cloth but hubs would be very upset if I post them so I can't. :(  They are just too cute for words, mashaAllah.

      These two pics aren't soo great as they were taken with my cell phone camera and I was force to edit them.

      This pic was SOOO dark that I tried to lighten it and instead it came out like that.

      ps. you see that HOT PINK one from the first pic? yeah, I purchased it before my daughter was born and my son was a newborn...and yes he wore them until he was 6 months old and hubs made me stop.  NO ONE KNEW though so it was all good. I also gave them away to a friend when she started cloth diapering and when she was done she gave them back to me, so these diapers are workhorses.  Now I am using them on my daughter and when she is done I will put them away for the next kiddo if Allah swt blesses me with them. inshaAllah.

      May 28, 2011

      Chasing Jannah: "Um, sorry. I don't want to marry you afterall..." and a Few Other Issues Concerning a Potential Muslim Husband

      Chasing Jannah: "Um, sorry. I don't want to marry you afterall..." and a Few Other Issues Concerning a Potential Muslim Husband

      This post really set me off. HOW RUDE! I can't believe a man would try to get someone to marry him by reminding the woman how unfortunate she is and because she is a divorcee she should accept him. His offer? She needs to give up her rights for maintenance and mahr but he has all of his full rights...


      Women aren't cars that depreciate in value once you take it out of the lot and in to your home! COME ON!

      May 27, 2011

      AWW, shucks

      I got my packet of seeds in the mail! too cool! Seedfolks Seed Library—

      First, I loved the idea of the re purpose magazine ad, it oddly felt personal. Second, love the little tag “SEED IT, EAT IT!”   Third, it was my first reward for backing a project on Kickstarter.

      Its awesome how I was here thinking of ways to reduce waste in my little world specially after reading the story of stuff and my own personal promise and I get this in the mail! Reminding me that if I do take the plunge I wont be the only one swimming.

      May 25, 2011

      ama thug it...yeah that's what I'll do!

      I have been reading and currently working on a book review for The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better by Annie Leonard and I have decided that I have too much stuff. DUH! Since the previous post  (HERE) with that lady accusing me of dressing my daughter as a boy and trying to change her, instead of buying new clothes for her I will just make them! I have the skills plus A LOT of clothes that no longer fit me and instead of making tons of diapers for her like I have currently been doing, I should just make clothes.

      So that is my goal, for a whole year I will not be purchasing new clothes for my children, instead I will be repurposing what I already have until there is no more. I want to make those frilly dresses (will be taking pics of the items and posting them on this blog) and clothes for my toddler. It feels more personal. Btw, when I mean repurpose my stuff, I don't mean like a couple of shirts or pants, I have BAGS and BAGS of construction grade garbage bags filled with stuff. It costs me more to wash them and donate (some aren't in such great shape) and also more if I wash them and try to sell them online.  Seriously! 

      Since my kids do need clothes since they are growing, I might as well do something good for the environment, reduce my spending and reduce the clutter. Apparently doing all of the above enhances your quality of life.

      I already own a Portable Mini 2-speed Sewing Machine (price has gone up since I bought it a couple of days ago) and Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger. I already have the tools so I will put them to good use.

      How about you all? What do you do with your stuff?

      May 23, 2011

      but, but, but WHY?!

      I feel insulted, angry and frankly violated.
      We were invited to someones house after our class this Sunday and we accepted because I want to meet new people. WELL, it started off know the usual polite small talk then it took a turn for the worst. First I was criticized for wearing a niqab with sweatpants (mind you they USED to belong to hubby so they are pretty darn big XXL), then because my daughter was dressed as a boy, apparently that is a sin. WHAT?! She is a BABY! She will wear whatever I put on her and its not like we are swimming in money to go buy her pink frilly things when she has perfectly good clothes that her brother previously wore.  

      I will be buying her clothes when the summer comes and we will be going out more, but in the mean time those browns, beiges, greens and navy blues will do just fine. Do people realize that the whole "do not dress like the opposite sex" has different meaning depending on culture? Do they realize that in my culture men don't wear skirts (aka longi, izar) or dresses (thobes)? I KNOW THEY ARE NOT SKIRTS AND DRESSES I am just making a point on how that looks to people unfamiliar with them. 

      Anyway, she took it upon herself to try to CHANGE my daughter. *Hyperventilates* you guys know how particular I am about my children and who gets to change them. WHAT THE HELL?! She covered my daughter in a pink shirt even though her shirt was PURPLE, she attempted to REMOVE that shirt but I grabbed my daughter from her reach. She then tried to remove her pants and put TIGHTS, TIGHTS on my daughter. NO! I said NO, DAMN IT! and she condescendingly said, "don't tell me its because of 'modesty' cuz people go to far." I believe in comfort over looks, my daughter is wearing cloth diapers and a loose cargo pants WHY am I going to squeeze her in to tights? LET THE GIRL BREATHE!

      I will not be returning to her house EVER. She crossed way too many lines and her superior attitude removed any chances of me overlooking this incident.  Yes I am a convert and still learning the religion but you attending a couple of seminars and some Sunday classes DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SCHOLAR. Because if you WERE a real scholar you would have observed the MANNERS that they are taught and have to observe.  I love being around TRULY religious people as they are a joy to be around and I learn from them.  (not the fakers who use it as a screen) I love being around people who are not religious and don't pretend to be, because they usually admit they do not know and don't try to force things on me. I hate being around ignorant people who don't even know they are ignorant while simultaneously telling others they are superiorsbased on the knowledge they do not possess.

      Hubs says I am too open with people and I guess that may be true but you get what you see. I don't see the need to hide that I am a convert, or that my family is of  various religions and ethnicities. I give you who I am, not a facade of who I want to be or who I was. You get me as I stand before you today. I don't curse, I don't share my sins and I respect your boundaries if I know of them and if I don't and accidentally cross them, once I DO know I apologize 'til kingdom come.' I mean hubs doesn't pretend to be someone he is not either but he does not reveal ANYTHING not pertinent to the topic or that may be considered personal. So I guess in comparison I am WAAAAAAAYYY to open.  He is an enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in a beard wearing a thobe.

      May 20, 2011

      Trifling Machines of INFINITE CUTENESS!

      am on to you!

      So I purchased this cutie (Portable Mini 2-speed Sewing Machine with 100 Piece Kit) and it works! SHOCKINGLY  it works! Isn't that a sad day when you purchase something that says it does something but you are so happy when it turns out it's true! aww, trifling marketers and their cons!

      I am very impressed with this cutie but there is a downside, I didn't realized it was battery operated. I can still make it work if I buy rechargeable batteries and they can in turn be used with my son's toys too so it wouldn't be too much of a strain.

      Another problem is that the "off" button and the "on" button do the same speeds it up at DOUBLE SPEED! DANGEROUS! I mean really dangerous. So in order for me to change or thread my needle I will need to remove the batteries first, press the tiny little foot pedal to make sure the 'electricity' has been drained.

      Because of the OBVIOUS danger to personal safety, should I return it or just keep it and take precautions?

      I worked with heavy duty industrial machines at my moms factory, you know the ones that pull, cut and well as some who have 8 inch exposed blades SOOOOO I am pretty good with the precautions but then again those machines are MONSTROUS looking! this one is soo "am dainty and cute like a butterfly on a warm summer night, I just wanna be loved, will you love me?" 

      and then BAM! you are in the emergency room with a missing arm! vile trifling machines.

      May 18, 2011

      I want to quit blogging

      I love blogging  and getting my thoughts organized and splattered all over the web BUT I just got hired to write articles (tentative offer). YAY! but now apparently they need me to have a more professional blog and I also have a stalker I have not been able to brush how do I move to another blogging platform and let you all know but not the stalker? decisions, decisions. decisions.

      Another thing I was grappling with was how I was going to sign those articles but thanks to some help from my niqabis on facebook page that has been resolved.  I was thinking of signing with my real name but a friend who has done that and is still dealing with the repercussion warned me against it. PLUS if ppl knew my name they could just google me and show up at my house. SCARY AS HECK!

      What would  YOU do?

      May 17, 2011

      I submitted my application to FIT NYC!

      now its the waiting game...will I be accepted? INSHAALLAH! Making du'a and starting to apply for scholarships.  WOW I only procrastinated for nearly THREE years.  subhanaAllah.

      Life is exciting again, I am making moves seeing if it pans out, make some more and overall taking charge of my life.  Ramit's class is REALLY helping me out and I am getting better and better at pitching ethically. Its amazing how much we hold ourselves back based on misinformation and insecurities.

      Like he says and I am paraphrasing, a year from now you will be one year older, what would you like to be doing  with yourself?

      May 10, 2011

      DAMN am pretty!

      remember TLC's Unpretty song? back when it came out I had no access to the internet to search for the lyrics and I never purchased a CD so I just just JUST realized I used to say "damn AM pretty" where the line is "damn UNpretty" lol. Self esteem...I gots it.

      hearing aid...needed. LOL!


      I wish i could tie you up in my shoes
      Make you feel unpretty too
      I was told I was beautiful
      But what does that mean to you
      Look into the mirror who's inside there
      The one with the long hair
      Same old me again today (yeah)

      My outsides are cool
      My insides are blue
      Every time I think I'm through
      It's because of you
      I've tried different ways
      But its all the same
      At the end of the day
      I have my self to blame
      I'm just trippin

      You can buy your hair if it won't grow
      You can fix your nose if he says so
      You can buy all the make-up
      that M.AC. can make
      But if you can't look inside you
      Find out who am I too
      Be in a position to make me feel
      So damn unpretty
      I'll make you feel unpretty to

      Never insecure until I met you
      Now I'm being stupid
      I used to be so cute to me
      Just a little bit skinny
      Why do I look to all these things
      To keep you happy
      Maybe get rid of you
      And then i'll get back to me (hey)

      My outsides looks cool
      My insides are blue
      Every time I think I'm through
      It's because of you
      I've tried different ways
      But it's all the same
      At the end of the day
      I have myself to blame
      Keep on trippin

      May 8, 2011

      DNA testing on racists

      I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for racists to get their DNA checked to find out their genealogy (genealocial DNA test) and have their tests publicly published. It would probably create more violence and craziness but maybe it would wake them up to the reality that there is NO "pure race".  We are choice or by force (conquistadores, rapist et al).

      why the rant? watching gangland and racist groups. Its infuriating and fascinating (the geeky anthropologist in me loves to get a "glimpse".

      May 6, 2011

      ha, ha, ha

      so am bothering the crap out of my husband while he is at work texting him my version of corny love songs and making them even cornier (its a passion of ours).  After beautifully belting/texting R-Kelly's masterpiece I Believe I Can Fly my son gets up and tells me, "ma, am leaving be back Isha (night prayer mind you its early dhuhr)."


      Who does this little boy think he is dictating his comings and goings? He thinks he's grown! He is 2.5 years old and needs to sit back down and finish his food.  Anyway, I found it hilarious enough NOT to laugh in front of him but I did text my hubby with what he said.  Hubs texts me back

      "Maybe he can't stand your singing. lol"

      yeah, wait until you get home.

      May 3, 2011

      May she heal completely

      When I heard about Lara Logan's sexual assault at first I didn't want to believe it because I am so fond of her and as a survivor of sexual violence I NEVER EVER want another human being to experience it. I made du'a that it wasn't true that inshaAllah it never happened.  When it was confirmed my heart sunk and I made du'a for her and against her attackers. 

      After hearing her talk about her attack, I cried. May Allah swt heal her physical, emotional and spiritual wounds completely and may this not break her spirit. AMEEN.
      to see the full interview go to (it has ads)

      May the women who closed ranks around her and tried to protect her be rewarded and kept safe from experiencing this evil. AMEEN. 

      May her attackers, instigators and facilitators of this assault on her be brought to justice, may they be shamed publicly and be known publicly as sexual offenders. AMEEN.  They think they have gotten away with this crime but we may not know your names or faces but Allah swt does know and on the day of judgment you will have to account for your transgression on her.  You wont have anonymity then.

      May my progeny never experience such evils or perpetrate such evils on anyone else. AMEEN.

      May 2, 2011

      I am running for a scholarship and sucking majorly *du'as needed*

      lol! Remember that 7-10 grand seminar I wanted? Well he is having a scholarship and the deadline was yesterday at midnight. Any who I created a video like requested but the WHOLE thing plays in ONE second. DEAR LORD! I tried fixing it but got nowhere... :(

      Please make du'a I get it because it will take a miracle to compete with some of those videos. You don't need to understand my desire for taking the class other than I WANT IT! I want it sooo bad!

      what do you think?
      is it REALLY bad? or just bad?  Anyone want to help me out with the video?

      April 20, 2011

      WORK IT!

      Not gonna lie, I DID consider pole dancing (AS AN EXERCISE ROUTINE NOT A CAREER) but only after I became Muslim and by then I was fully covered and no options of where to learn.  If you have been following my blog for sometime you know I LOVE learning, dissecting what I learn and moving on to another topic and pole dancing (in the privacy of my home) was one of those topics.  Anyway, I saw this article on American Bedu's blog and I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the image or that  someone in the KSA would sponsor it. (which I guess means am guilty of stereotyping)
      "Because there’s no history of strip clubs or pole dancing, most men would think women were just learning a new form of exercise – ironically in a place where religion and judgement plays such a large role, pole suffers from fewer preconceived connotations or moral judgements.

      My client’s husband didn’t try the pole while I was there, but he didn’t try because he felt he lacked the strength, not because of pole dancing’s less salubrious roots." read more

      I don't think there is anything wrong with it, its just that I have never seen it before and if you don't read the article you can misconstrue it.  First thing that came to mind was grip as all that fabric would most definitely create a hazard.    I wonder if it will be an even more effective workout since she basically has only her hand grip? or make her a HULK?

      ^^That takes skills! I lost most of my upper body strenght so I doubt I can hold that position for long. I would face plant so badly and leave my ego so hurt from ever trying it again. lol. Next thing....where would they get poles in KSA?  Is she certifying anyone? I am still hung up about the pictures only because the two seem POLAR OPPOSITES.

      On a related note my friend and I were discussing a fellow sister's desire to buy and learn to pole exercise and we were laughing our butts off only because we were picturing the above (although now that I see aint all that funny).  Anyway we were always going back to "what if your kid walks in to your room and asks, mommy, whats the pole for?" the sister (who wants the pole) said, "what? its just a pole."

      It is just a pole but our prejudices can't just leave it at that.  If a service like that was offered in my vicinity I would take it as I like trying things at least once.  What about you?

      all pics belong to

      April 19, 2011

      So 3 years later I contacted someone....I am fast like that

      In the fall of 2008 I was heavily pregnant with my first child and had recently discovered how AWESOME CT libraries were. I mean seriously people they had the most updated books on any topic AND you could request books from college libraries and it would be delivered to your local library....a homeschooling dream.
      I mean LOOK at these pics and this is just the children's section.... :( God I miss those libraries

      Wallingford Library Dedication-224

      Ice Cream Cone 2

      Gameboard 012



      Wallingford Library Dedication-170

      MashaAllah, I digressed.... While I was waddling my way through a book worm's dream and delight of a library I saw this dude who I thought had made these BEAUTIFUL and STURDY bookshelves and I wanted to get his contact info.  My husband and I always wanted to have an Islamic library and his books bend ALL the shelves we tried so we thought we might as well invest in some good shelves that are made specifically to handle high volume of books.

      Anyway, while I was biting my nails to approach him I bumped into another guy who was photographing the shelves and my ADD kicked him and totally forgot about the shelves. We talked and he was giving me tips on how I could become a freelancing photographer (a deferred dream of mine) and he gave me his card and told me to call him the following Wednesday. My social anxiety kicked in and I chickened out (this was during the time I was JUST starting to deal with it so it was pretty bad and just talking to him was a huge step). They had brought him all the way from Massachusetts (mashaAllah) for the photo shoot and seemed interested in mentoring me.  I was wearing full niqab gear and dude didn't blink an eye or seemed uncomfortable talking to me.  (Side note: I don't think he took the pics above as he was there for a special occasion).

      So yesterday after wanting to email him and staring at his disintegrating card FOREVER subhanaAllah, can't tell you how many times I just stared at it. I did it! I asked a couple of questions and I am waiting for a response. I feel like such a geek but he is such a wealth of information and experience plus if I finally decide to pursue freelancing then he might make an excellent mentor.

      Have you ever delayed getting back to someone? How did you convince yourself to take the plunge?  Me? I thought that his card already had wear and tear of being in my wallet and if I lost it I would be very upset with myself. Now, even if he doesn't get back to me its all good because at least I tried and didn't leave it up to chance.  I can now move on to other things as this is no longer hanging over my head and taking up precious brain space. BABY STEPS!

      April 18, 2011

      Anyone have an Etsy account?

      I finally took the plunge and opened an Etsy I am going to go broker than broke because the cuteness factor is just too much!

      If you have an Etsy account leave your link below and I'll add you to my circle (picking up the lingo already :D)

      April 17, 2011

      Bullying?! Attempted murder is more likey it

      The father of an 8-year-old Louisville, Kentucky boy, found hanging on a hook in his school’s bathroom stall last week, wants answers and says the school could have done something to prevent the episode.
      The incident occurred last week while Mohamed Hussein’s class at Frayser Elementary school was on a bathroom break.  (read more)

      They HUNG the child and tried to break his neck! In the picture you can see the ligature marks on the poor child.  How can that possibly be classified as bullying? Its nothing short of attempted MURDER! Whoever did this to Mohamed Hussein needs to be brought to justice because that is some sick unacceptable behavior. Those children (if it is children who did this) need help and if they don't get it I cringe at what they might be able to do down the line.  Nip it in the bud buddy.

      Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiuun. May Allah swt save our children from falling victim to these crimes or from perpetrating these crimes on others. May the attackers and all involved in this story be granted hidayat. AMEEN

      Honestly its crap like this that makes me want to homeschool, I need to start saving up to afford tutors....this is crazy and unacceptable!

      April 16, 2011

      sucks being broke...

      working on being grateful right now. I have a lot to be grateful for but I am throwing a sissy fit anyway. I think people have it wrong. Why should we care about money? I think when you don't care it controls you, dictating what you can and cannot do, you end up working and striving for money's sake because its your master.  Even though I KNOW my rizq is written and will come in due time, it still frustrates me as I feel I am not doing something to get the full potential. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT THING IS?!

      I am physically sitting here like a pouting spoiled child making du'a to Allah swt demanding the things I want and bargaining.  I am tired of not being financially independent, to be able to dictate life on my terms.  I can't go to hajj, no money. I can't go to classes I want to take, no money. Can't visit my mother, no money.

      I do however have the tools to change my life and rizq but don't know how to use them. How frustrating is that? I have software that any graphic artist would kill for but don't know how to monetize on that.  I need help executing plans. I am tired of trial and error and going at it alone. I want guidance from people who have made it, but guess what? That cost money TOO! so dammit. I am back to square one.

      On the plus side all the things I CAN'T do aren't necessities but rather luxuries which I guess in the end thats a luxury too. I am not starving, fighting off warlords or natural disasters. I am simply a woman who wants more out of life.

      April 15, 2011

      If you *REALLY* love me you would make du'a for me

      Aight. Now that I have emotionally blackmailed you I will tell you what I am looking for du'as for.  I LOVE LEARNING! but I hate school.  Anyway there are THREE seminars I am dying to attend and I think  they would change my life PERMANENTLY.  Not an exaggeration. 

      I think the most effective way of learning is apprenticeships from people who have been successful in the field you are interested in.  So here there are

      1) Muhammad Alshareef's Niche Hero
      Toronto, Canada
      July 4-9, 2011
      Almost $3,000 w/o air fare or accommodations
      2) Tim Ferriss’ Seminar
      California, USA
      August 19 – 21, 2011
      $7,000-$10,000 depending if you sign up early or later w/o air fare or accommodations.
      3) Ramit Sethi

      Now if I HAD to choose between Tim Ferriss and Niche Hero, I would go with Tim Ferriss hands down. I mean how often do you get to meet your favorite author and get to pick his brain too? Dude's book changed my life. Helped me with my anxiety and got me off my butt and motivated to make the most out of my life.

      ALL and I mean ALL of the seminars like Time traveler, a millionaire who went to jannah by Muhammad Alshareef also helped me. He was my first teacher in Islam and I have a soft spot for him mashaAllah (in a purely platonic, teacher kinda way...don't get it twisted.). I have had a lot of good come my way via his content and I am sure this would greatly benefit me but it would overlap with Tim Ferriss.

      Ramit Sethi I just recently started following him and I have gotten some results via his free emails but I would love to also get to ask him questions and perfect my game. I am clearly not doing something right and getting guidance about biz from these fellas would be beneficial.

      Hajj although I want to go, is nearly out of the question because my 6 month old is exclusively breastfed and my toddler has never spent a night away from us.  Bringing them along is not an option as we would have to pay the student package for each. :(

      I can ask Allah swt for anything so I am including the above in my du'a list. Why not? usually I ask,

      O Allah swt grant me ALL the things I asked for in this post if they are what is best for my dunya and akhira and if it will bring me closer to You. If not please replace them with something better. AMEEN.
      Its a WIN/WIN situation, if it is whats best for me it will be granted and I will be happy and if it isn't ,its being replaced with something even BETTER!  So if my du'as don't appear to be granted, am cool with that because I know I am still cashing in (inshaAllah).  I know most of you guys wont understand how AWESOME these opportunities are but believe me they rarely come and I want them.   I am trying to fund my travels, imagine being able to afford hajj for your entire family EVERY year?  <--That is what I want.

      Currently broke though hence the du'as. inshaAllah I can go. :)

      UPDATE: Contacted Ramit and established a payment plan that is within budget! YEAH BABY! On my way to financial independence! May it be beneficial for me and my family :) AMEEN!

      April 13, 2011



      As salaamu Aalaykum!

      I am preparing for Ramadan and created this planner to help me out. All those interested click on the link below to get your free copy :)


      April 12, 2011

      I am 5 years old!

      Alhamdulillah, yesterday was my 5 year Shahada anniversary!  OMG I am revisiting my old stuff (including this blog) and I am happy with my progress but I think I need to do more.  I kinda expected myself to have already memorized the Qur'an and I haven't.  That's definitely in my to do list.