December 15, 2010

had a tooth pulled...not cool

I hate dealing with receptionists and their attitudes.  Waited almost 2 hours to get a tooth pulled that took only 2 minutes at most.  It itches but alhamdulillah a clot has formed. I think it maybe the chemo days of my childhood coming back to haunt me because I almost had a panic attack waiting for the dentists.  I have such a dislike for medical procedures that I would probably need to be sedated in order for professionals to perform the simplest of medical tasks on me.

I have 2 other teeth to pull and although the extraction bit was EASY BREEZY and no complications or even pain once the anesthesia wore off (felt only itchiness and pressure) I still dread it.  I dread it with a passion.  I am personally convinced that if I ever go in to a hospital to give birth I will most definitely need a cesarean for failure to progress. Am dead serious.  Hospitals freak me out and giving birth at home was more personal and peaceful for all parties involved....well maybe not the neighbors ;) Probably should have given them heads up about the birth but that is another story. Inshaallah will tell it soon.

Now I looked at myself in the mirror and I can't help but feel self conscious about the gap.  :( NOT sexy.  :(  What I have considered is since I have an overbite to go to an orthodontist and get braces (yea I KNOW! definitely not sexy) to straighten my teeth and to reduce the gap....nah I mean?

I considered invisaling but since my hubs is unemployed it is WAY out of my budget so metal braces it is.  I guess it makes me happy that I wear niqab and the outside world wont see me with braces at 25.  Alhamdulillah.  BUT the one that matters is hubs and I DO care about my looks for him even though he said he is already coming up with jokes for me.  Why do men think its funny to make jokes about things that make their wives self conscious?  beats me.

so off to search for metal mouth dentistas.  I dread it. am scared.


My Great Escape said...

Ouch!!! two hours! you're very patient. Mashallah. I hope all goes well with your next appointment, Inshallah.

AlabasterMuslim said...

I had braces from the time I was fourteen until almost 17. It sucked. But alhamdullilah the end result was good. Mashallah you'll look adorable with braces!! lolll.

ZORRO said...

You poor thing!!!! Hope the other 2 are done quickly and painlessly!! ..and yes, men like to joke like that with women... makes them feel 'empowered'.. I also hate it! BTW..get those 'tamales' before the braces come on your teeth!!! lol :D