November 12, 2010


as salaamu aalaykum!

sorry for the lack of posts but my life has been hectic with a trip to the hospital for my toddler and newborn.  I am dealing with post partum depression TOTALLY sucks.  Alhamdulillah am fine and its not severe enough to need medication but its still a kick in the gonads for me.

broke down a couple of times got angry at hubs....currently still angry...what else?

oh yea, I was on one of my friend's profile (a shutterbug) and I found a picture of me back in 2007 with niqab acting a fool in another friend's baby shower.  WELL, the pictures are hilarious but am kinda of embarrassed at the same time. Those gang signs were meant for my friends only and why the heck did someone NOT tell me I had food on my niqab?  I mean seriously people. Seriously. I know I was a niqab newbie at the time but dang the stain wasn't part of the act.  Know what I mean jelly bean?

AWWW  the humiliation 3+ years later! but still.

aint right I tell you. AINT RIGHT.

ps. WHY did I think doing gang signs in niqab was cool back then is beyond me.  Cut me a break I was 21 almost 22 at the time, practically a BABY.


londoni sis said...


Don't worry sis it happens to all of us.
Seriously that is nothing compared to the pictures of me on facebook and I don't even have a facebook account!!
I found out through friends about pictures taken of me without my knowledge.


Banana Anne said...

LOL at the huge arrow with STAIN!! attached to it. I totally have a picture of me as a new hijabi flashing a gang sign too (except mine was a real gang sign.....despite never being in a gang); epic fail on my part. :P

AlabasterMuslim said...

lol tuttie mashallah your funny. And i've already gotten stains on my niqab from lip glosses, fruit punch, and buffalo style wings (which are the best omg).

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

Hahaha Girl you're not the only one, i had nearly the same exact hookup you have on, and i could never wear the niqab to it because i was afraid of it, but my black niqabs, i had lip rings, with shimmer and glitter the EXACT print of my lip on it from gloss lol then i had white spots i'm geuessing from food that i could never quite figure out where they came from! ugh!