September 4, 2010


no, am not advocating one way or the other, its just that when I read this article the first thing that came to mine was Sean Paul singing "legalize it..."

I also kept thinking of a teenager being pulled over by the cops and the kid saying "it aint me officer! I swear! its the CAR!"

or of the neighborhood potheads (you know each hood has them) chasing the  cars just like dogs do just to get a The possibilities are ENDLESS!

"Hippies, rejoice: The world's first cannabis electric car may soon hit the roads of Canada. And guess what? The amusing auto is a truly inspiring feat of engineering.

Developed by Alberta-based Motive Industries, the car prototype—known as the Kestrel—is made from a biocomposite partly derived from local hemp. Because the material is uber-light, it reduces the car's electricity consumption. And it's cheaper, more renewable and less health-hazardous than standard fiberglass to boot. (The only possible hitch so far is the speed of the vehicle. It is projected to max out just under 60 miles an hour at maximum.)"

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Jaz said...

Every neighbourhood has 'A' pothead? My whole neighbourhood are potheads. Where I'm from you're not considered a man unless you do it.

It's pretty cool how creative people are getting though :) I'd love to see cars running on dope.