September 8, 2010


things Muslims do because they have no sense of self esteem or gonads.  Act like a worm and people will step on you.  So far they are GLEEFULLY doing it and I no longer feel bad for them.  You want other than your Rabb so prepare for humiliation.  You will NOT find honor looking for it from anyone but Allah swt until you learn that lesson keep being an inflatable doll for public use.

^^^what he said ^^^


Kaighla said...

Eh? I feel confused. Is this a rant on someone you know personally? Cuz I have written those rants before. lol.

What's happenin?

Kaighla said...

But....I do love this commercial. I laugh so hard every time I see it. Try explaining all the ins and outs of this commercial to one's arab husband. ha ha "What's a drill sergeant?" "why is he bald?" "Why is this even funny?", etc. ha ha

.::Tuttie::. said...

sorry for confusing you. I got upset because a bunch of Muslims are like "lets change eid because its a day of mourning" then they added prayer spaces for other faiths in the community center (park 51 aka near ground zero). Like we can impose adding a prayer area JUST for us in other places of worship. Or we can change the rotation of the moon to coincide with dates that aren't upsetting to anyone or that no one died on that day.

I want to ask them, do you think bars, clubs, or strip joints will be closed on 9/11 out of respect for the mourning of the victims?
or that people whose birthday falls on that day will NEVER EVER celebrate their birthdays out of respect? or the people whos wedding anniversaries coincide with 9/11?

bunch of pansies.

.::Tuttie::. said...

LOL! at your second comment...saw it after I posted the one above.

that actually cheered me up.

Kaighla said...

yes, pansies indeed. and that explains your post well, thank you.

Yeah, and my husband was also like "What is a therapist, anyway, and why do americans even go to them?" at which point I had to explain my OWN frequent visits to therapists in the past, lol.

LK said...

I feel bad that they are feeling that much pressure to want to change the biggest holiday on the Muslim calendar. Its no one's fault and Eid should not disappear this year just because it might fall on 9/11. I get they want to make things better but these haters should not be pressuring them to change the date.

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

I totally respect the victims who lost their lives on 9/11 but the line has got to be drawn. and what i find most is, the places that call themselves "community center" instead of "masjid" are the ones who do stuff like this. i refuse to be a secular muslim, i've never been one to kiss anyones behind and i won't start, especially when ALLAH has ordained eid be on a specific date, people die every day, and ur right no one is stopping their celebrations, and ignorant antics might i add, so why should we? pshhhh