September 23, 2010

DeAr kids...

I am submitting my sleeping schedule for your approval.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mommy aka AMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!, Ma, mom, Mum, Mamiiiii.

September 19, 2010


As Salaamu Aalaykum! 

My baby girl was born Sept 18 @ 11:54PM at home, my 2nd homebirth. It was a very short but INTENSE labor. Everything went well my midwives were amazing, mashaAllah, may Allah swt grant them and their families hidayah.ameen.  We didn't know the gender so it was a nice surprise at the end.  ALhamdulillah. Both baby and I are fine although the father is totally freaked out...something about hitting the gym to 'beef' up.  

 I will be inactive for quite sometime while I bond with my newborn and help my toddler adjust to sharing.  Please keep us in your du'as. ameen. 

Thank you all for your du'as they meant a lot to me. 

ps. If you follow me on facebook or my pages you got this same message.  SORRY. I only had enough time to copy paste it. :)  Make du'a for me :)

September 10, 2010

A little secret I have been keeping...

I told my friends (offline) and a couple of sisters I met online.  I have been DYING to share with you all but my husband insisted I wait and wait and wait.  If you are on my facebook then you know what it is as I did share there unbeknown to hubby. THE NEWS?  I am currently 38 almost 39 weeks pregnant about 11 days to go until the due date and am exhausted.

I was able to fast most of the month of Ramadan but had to stop towards the end because my tooth pain aka tooth infection was causing too much discomfort and my body was dealing with all that infection going to the kidneys and what not.  So that was kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to a full month of Ramadan goodness.  I am inshaAllah having a homebirth again as it was an amazing and empowering experience with my son.  Health wise I am above average, blood work is excellent, placenta in an awesome place and all around wellness.  I would like for you guys to make du'a for me and I will make a quick post if I have time letting you know if labor started.

I don't know what I am having as I wanted a surprise just like before with my son.  That's all for now folks as I can't sit for too long because its not comfortable...

ps. when I lay down I feel like a beached whale....uff


Alhamdulillah EID is here! I am ready, pumped and still riding the Ramadan high! I started memorizing Qur'an again and got 6 verses down today. WOW subhanaAllah you stop for a little bit and its so hard to get back on.  

Make du'a that Allah swt makes it easy for me to memorize, practice and live the Qur'an. AMEEN. 

May you enjoy your EID, may we continue to strive to do good deeds and may we stay on tawheed. AMEEN

September 9, 2010

Don't Worry...

this is a repost from my Hijab Life blog, I just wanted to share...


In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليك

Alhamdulillah. I wasn't really worried about the fringe fanatics trying to incite violence by burning the Qur'an since its the proper way of disposing of such a beautiful and holy book anyways.  I also didn't feel that they deserved to be mentioned by name as to not increase their notoriety but I decided to post the below statement from Lupe Fiasco because it is so true. WE really need to stop being so reactionary and be more proactive in how the community sees us and how we interact with the community at large as well.

"If they burn a book, have no worries. The book will feel NO pain so neither should you! True destruction of the Qur'an cannot be done with fire; it is destroyed when we fail to remember practice its lessons in our daily lives. If this occurs, then it is ANOTHER fire that you should truly be concerned about!" -Lupe Fiasco on Twitter 

I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah swt and Muhammad (saw) is His messenger.  I am pleased with Allah swt as my Lord, Muhammad (saw) as my Messenger and Islam as my religion.  LA ILAHA ILA ALLAH! 


I got it from a fb ad about making Jewish friends.  I was like I LOVE THAT LOGO! Whoever is responsible for their marketing campaign needs a raise or needs to get hired ASAP.  

September 8, 2010


things Muslims do because they have no sense of self esteem or gonads.  Act like a worm and people will step on you.  So far they are GLEEFULLY doing it and I no longer feel bad for them.  You want other than your Rabb so prepare for humiliation.  You will NOT find honor looking for it from anyone but Allah swt until you learn that lesson keep being an inflatable doll for public use.

^^^what he said ^^^

September 5, 2010


Alhamdulillah I live in an almost fitnah free environment.  I am not exposed to extensive backbiting or other detrimental behavior either from my in laws (immediate) or my friends.  Maybe its because of this that when I do encounter it  (mainly online) it feels like someone smacked me, punched me and threw cold water on me.  

The fitnah people start just because they can or in the ruse of self expression is enormous. SubhanaAllah there is this sister who I accepted a friend request from because we have similar backgrounds and what not (plus she kept trying to add me even after I kept refusing it) is ticking me off.  Why ask a controversial question that is a wedge issue among Muslim women and then get offended when given an answer is beyond me.

There really was no benefit in the rhetorical question whatsoever.  It was insulting enough for those committing the alleged transgression to dig in their heels and refuse to reform and at the same time it gave a self righteous platform for others (who GLADLY took advantage of it).  It was just awful behavior on display.  We are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan why not focus on productive things or actions that will take you to jannah?  I stand by my belief that life is like a wheel, sometimes you are on the top but as long as the car keeps moving you will eventually end up on the ground, possibly being smeared in to the mud.  So why act all self righteous?  What if Allah swt tests you with what the people you are ridiculing were tested? 

I removed her from my friends list because even though I have NEVER met the chick she brings so much drama to my online world.  The only reason I would even attempt to keep such a toxic person nearby is if I was emotionally invested in her (like a friend in need), someone I grew up with or family members.  Seeing as she is neither I deleted her.  

Anyway, I am eternally grateful at the sisterhood I have been offered by my blog readers on this blog, my other blogs and on facebook.  I am grateful to the awesome women I have met offline who exemplify the Islamic code of ethics, manners and sisterhood.  I thank Allah swt that I was not afflicted with worst things.  I thank Allah swt that I am as healthy as I can possibly be, that I am in a safe relationship, that I have shelter, food, drink and love.  I thank Allah swt for all the good I have been blessed with and I ask Allah swt to forgive me for my shortcomings. ameen.

ps. SubhanaAllah. the fact that I felt the need to post on here about it is annoying enough for me to implement a zero tolerance  policy with fitnah.  Its draining and unproductive.

pps. This not only applies to Muslim women as I have had non Muslim women bring as much fitnah in to my life as well as offering me their friendship and treating me like family.  I don't believe in the Muslim women vs Non Muslim women bit.  We are all humans and as such subjected to the human condition its flaws and awesomeness.  As a Muslim you should know better because you have guidance and direct orders on how to treat your fellow human being.

May Allah swt give us all hidayah. ameen.

September 4, 2010


no, am not advocating one way or the other, its just that when I read this article the first thing that came to mine was Sean Paul singing "legalize it..."

I also kept thinking of a teenager being pulled over by the cops and the kid saying "it aint me officer! I swear! its the CAR!"

or of the neighborhood potheads (you know each hood has them) chasing the  cars just like dogs do just to get a The possibilities are ENDLESS!

"Hippies, rejoice: The world's first cannabis electric car may soon hit the roads of Canada. And guess what? The amusing auto is a truly inspiring feat of engineering.

Developed by Alberta-based Motive Industries, the car prototype—known as the Kestrel—is made from a biocomposite partly derived from local hemp. Because the material is uber-light, it reduces the car's electricity consumption. And it's cheaper, more renewable and less health-hazardous than standard fiberglass to boot. (The only possible hitch so far is the speed of the vehicle. It is projected to max out just under 60 miles an hour at maximum.)"