August 17, 2010

Thank you Keith Olbermann

Sometimes I feel that the small minority of haters get the most primetime exposure making it seem as if they are the majority.  The only time I felt discriminated because I was a Muslim came from people outside the community.  I drove, walked and prayed in Manhattan streets (no room and the prayer was about to end) with NO problems. Then organizations from Cali come over here DEMANDING things and stirring up the pot when the local community had already agreed on terms and what they wanted from this deal.  I also have no idea how these knucklehead politicians get in to power in the first place and keep it for decades. 

If it wasn't for technology am sure they would be getting away with a lot worst.  Anyway, I want to thank Keith Olbermann for his defense of us.  I think  it is a very American thing to do and I choked up when I watched the whole clip.  Because even though I know it isn't true, sometimes I do feel persecuted in my own backyard.  I also have to remind myself that this kind of stupidity I see on tv has rarely if ever been perpetrated by my neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances.  The rest of America should definitely take a page from NY and their hospitality because its REAL and not some folklore that makes a pretty concept for a movie.


.::Tuttie::. said...

@LBB. No problem. repost your heart out.

Stand up for the TOOTH!

caraboska said...

Subhanallah... I think the roof's coming off my apartment building... That's one of the most moving speeches I've heard in quite some time.