August 15, 2010

Ramadan Day 3, 4 and 5

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aight people. lot of catching up to do. Even though I fasted during the previous months my body still feels like its trying to adjust to the continuous fasts. Alhamdulillah I am doing A LOT better than I did in the previous fasts but nonetheless its not a walk in the park. I am VERY, VERY, VERY happy that I am indeed allowed to fasts because I am greedy for rewards (remember Hasanah Chasers?) and I loved doing acts of ibadah as they bring me closer to Allah swt and they give me peace and harmony in my heart.  Kinda like a toddler struggling to crawl to his mother's arms and then being rewarded by the warm and loving embraced of his mother.  yeah thats me.  LA ILAHA ILA ALLAH!

Day 3 was HARD AS HECK because I ate vegetables for suhoor and they are easily digested by your body so I was hungrier earlier in the day. NOT COOL.  Day 4 I had a pain in my right kidney and it was because  of not drinking enough fluids the day before and my son still nursing.  I fixed that in today's fast (day 5) by eating more than just vegetables and fruits as well as drinking liquids periodically and it worked!  I also started eating at 2 AM and continued to eat or drink liquids until 4:42 AM. Alhamdulillah no kidney pain or feeling hunger pangs early in the day. Since I pray taraweeh at home I keep a cup of juice (home made melon juice and chicha morada, more about that later) so I finish two rakahs and I take a couple of sips, write down the number of rakahs and move on.

This way I get a lot more fluids in my system than I would just sitting and forcing myself to drink it.  It rarely works instead I get stomach pains.  SubhanaAllah I drank 2 GINORMOUS cups of melon juice simply by sipping while I pray and no pain!  See, you have to see what works for you and go for it, this way your Ramadan is more enjoyable. inshaAllah.

oh, and I cried last night right before iftar because of a misunderstanding and because I am empathizing with people a little too much where I am crying and taking on their emotions and beefs.  NOT COOL. I can't take their pain away, can't change their situation so there is no reason why I should be torturing myself like that but I can make du'a for them.

Today (day 5) I was invited to iftar at a friends house and had LOTS of fun mashaAllah. I brought one of my best friends from childhood and she loved the sisters and the sisterhood we all shared.  She even asked for a couple of starter Islam books.  Kinda sucks that I am a lazy dawah person and I am not actively engaging her (its not my thing) and it has a lot to do with my background. I ABSOLUTELY HATE BEING PROSELYTIZED TO even by Muslims. I am sorry I can't stand it. Its like nails to chalkboard while you water-board me and electrocute my nips. That bad.

She is the same so instead I just give dawah by my actions, behavior and I do answer any questions she does have about Islam and Muslims.  I wont initiate it but I wont turn her away either.  I hope that is the right approach.  If she does choose Islam I want it to be because she wants to and not because I was relentless.  Either way I hope Allah swt guides her and her family to the truth. Ameen.

How are all you doing with your fasting?

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Can u post a recipe to your melon juice? i would loveeeeeeeeeeeee to try it!!!

Mashaallah love to see ur bursting with joy alhumdulilah! Ramadan is always so lovely i wish it were like this all year around! <3 Ramadan mubarak!