August 26, 2010

Musulmana soy...Alhamdulillah

I came across this video on fb via friends and I was tearing up.  I got all excited just because the first speaker was from El Salvador (my peeps!) and I was like pointing at the screen and going ME TOO!!  Very mature and lady like.  Secondly the other dude the Columbian had a lot of similar experiences as I did and I really related to him. Alhamdulillah they were guided and many others were guided via them.

Allah swt is the one who changes the hearts of the people NOT us.  All we have to do is convey the message via actions and words.  May Allah swt give us ALL hidayah. AMEEN.

"Educando Latinos Sobre El Islam" 
Entendemos la bondad de poseer el idioma Español y la gran responsabilidad de explicar la verdad acerca del Islam a la poblacion latina del mundo através de los medios audiovisuales. (en Español)

"Educating Latinos About Islam" 
We understand the bounty of possessing the Spanish language and the great responsibility to explain the truth about Islam to the Latino population worldwide through the use of multimedia. (in English)


AlabasterMuslim said...

aww your so cute haha. Mashallah. I saw this too, and i was totally bawling by the end. Because it was so touching. I totally thought of you:) There are more by these guys - the one who is on the right at least- but I think its all in spanish so I couldn't understand it.

MH said...

salam sis,

some how i found your blog. i think interestingly enough we have somethings in common.... being salvadorean, muslimah, muhajaba, being mothers, and ptsd/sexual abuse past...

i couldn't find your profile, so i'm more or less piecing together who you are, so forgive me if i'm mistaken. i'll leave my email if you wanna talk...i'm not a convert i'm part salvadorean (but i love pupusas!!) part my 30s living in toronto, canada...originally from los angeles!

hit me up w/an email cuando puedas...michellehussain at ymail dot com