August 21, 2010

Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center?

I AM JUST SAYING!  He makes a very compelling logical argument aided by a flashcard and some highlighter.  Also I kept mentioning to fellow Muslims that this project was approved by the local community including religious groups MONTHS ago and it was flying through the community zoning meetings.  The opposition didn't come until carpetbaggers (technically reversed carpetbaggers) decided that they had a say in what goes on in OUR backyards. Let the New Yorkers decide what they WILL and WILL NOT accept in their city.   Last I check the attack on the WTC happened in NY and therefore NEW YORKERS have the bigger say in this debate.

YOU don't want mosques in your backyard? That's your prerogative and you can go and protest all you want in the locality YOU LIVE IN.  I wonder how they would feel if Muslims decided to start a little group the "brotherhood of the traveling Mosque-teers" and show up in all these community meetings promoting the building of Islamic centers or Mosques. I am pretty darn sure they would be pist that outsiders would come in to their town and force change the will of the community.  AM JUST SAYING!

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Kaighla said...

amazing. thank you Jon Stewart.

and yes, Moses (sas) can bring us all together, mashaAllah. :-)