August 25, 2010


ya'll know I live in the NY/NJ metro area right? Aight. Well a NY cabby's throat was slashed yesterday after the attacker confirmed he was Muslim.  The attacker first claimed he was an ex soldier than it turns out he was just a volunteer for some documentary about Afghanistan.  Alhamdulillah the brother survived and the douche apprehended and is currently being charged with attempted murder and some hate charges.  

Mr. Enright asked the taxi driver, who was from Bangladesh, whether he was Muslim, Mr. Zaleta said.
After the driver said he was, Mr. Enright responded with the Arabic greeting, “Assalamu alaikum,” according to the criminal court complaint.
Then Mr. Enright said, “Consider this a checkpoint,” before pulling out a Leatherman utility knife and slashing the taxi driver’s throat, Mr. Zaleta said. The driver turned and Mr. Enright slashed him in his face and forearms, Mr. Zaleta said....
Mr. Enright sliced the driver’s “neck open halfway across his throat,” Mr. Zaleta said.

Anyway my friend, her hubs and 2 small (toddler and newborn) were driving down the turnpike today when another douche was making throat slashing signs.  Intimidating a mother in front of her children really REALLY makes you a tough guy. WHAT A LOSER.  They must not have much going on if this is how they feel "important and relevant"

All am saying is I PITY THE FOOL who thinks they can pull that sort of crap with me.  Let me repeat that again, I PITY THE FOOL who is unlucky enough to attempt that crap with me.  I survived war, survived rape, survived cancer, survived abuse and some scum bag is going to come and try to intimidate me because they think they are bad? HELL TO THE NO.  Fool get your ignorant butt to a community college and get some education and stop embarrassing yourself.  You aint bad. Unless you lived in a developing country your butt hasn't SEEN bad (movies don't count). I am Muslim, I am an American, I am Latina, I am a mother, a wife, sister, daughter... I may be a lot of things but I am not a push over and I know my rights.  So if you want to be a warrior stick to trolling online its more suitable for cowards.


.::Tuttie::. said...

@Ati. The attack on the cab driver happened in NY. My friends intimidation in NJ. New yorkers have NEVER treated me bad to this day so I have nothing but NICE things to say about my neighbors.

Majda said...

Lol *adds this to reasons why I'll never move to the mainland*

People in Hawaii don't watch the news so they are more childishly ignorant regarding Muslims rather than ignorantly hateful.

neilhonda said...

It looks like the knife assailant has balls the size of the late abu musab al zakawi and his "brave" beheading henchmen.