August 28, 2010



sadly didn't fast today and I was in the dumps.  Alhamdulillah I was invited to an iftarbq...yes an iftar BBQ. TOTALLY AWESOME!  Like TOTALLY.  Met new sisters....let see, what else?  my tooth still hurts. That's all.

I have an obsession...

its called PSYCH! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. LOVE their theme songs, love the characters, love the jokes, love the plots, i love everything about it. Which is surprising considering how critical I am of shows.  This is one of those shows I don't mind watching the episode OVER and OVER again. LOVE IT.  For a while they would sorta change their  theme song to match the episode. Like when they cover the Spanish novela the theme song was in Spanish or the hind love affair it was in Hindi and the Acapella murder get the point.  I am going to share the theme song because I LOVE IT.

In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity.
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity.
If it's alright, then you're all wrong.
But why bounce around to the same dang song?
You'd rather run when you can't crawl...

I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth.
I know, you know, they just don't have any proof.
Embrace the deception- learn how to bend,
Your worst inhibition's gonna psych you out in the end.

I know, you know....
I know, you know....
I know, you know....
I know, you know...

Acapella version from Boys 2 Men I don't like the twirling screen but whatever...



I will be buying ALL the seasons, inshaAllah

August 27, 2010 ticking me off

Apparently facebook just launched a new thing called "facebook places" It is a feature that lets users "check in" to Facebook using a mobile device to let a user's friends know where they are at the moment.  CREEEPY. VERY, VERY CREEPY.  If I wanted people to know where I was I would SAY so and post it on my status. Imagine all the weird friend requests you have gotten over time and sometimes out of curiosity accepted them.  Do you really want them to know where you live?

Or for those who have teenagers using facebook do you want the people on their friends list to know their exact location?  Well do you?  HELL NO.  Spread the word so inshaAllah people are aware and can choose to turn it off or keep it.

I use facebook a lot to network and I had some issues with stalkers before I definitely do not like this at all. I am seriously considering not going back to facebook if these sneak attacks continued. I wasn't even notified. I found out via a friends post. So far this new feature is only 2 days old so we don't know what the effects will be but as of now I DISTRUST IT.  Thankfully facebook is allowing you to turn it off. So here is a step by step tutorial to turn it off.

This is the link and you can skip to #3 or you can do it step by step.

1) go to"Account"

2) "Account Settings"

3) "Notifications", then scroll down to "Places" ...and uncheck the 2 boxes. Make sure to SAVE changes

EDIT: Irendi says that this is not enough you have to go to privacy settings and scroll down to "Places I check in to" and choose ONLY ME.  The one beneath that says "Places I check in to" uncheck.  THEN inshaAllah you will be safe.

August 26, 2010

Musulmana soy...Alhamdulillah

I came across this video on fb via friends and I was tearing up.  I got all excited just because the first speaker was from El Salvador (my peeps!) and I was like pointing at the screen and going ME TOO!!  Very mature and lady like.  Secondly the other dude the Columbian had a lot of similar experiences as I did and I really related to him. Alhamdulillah they were guided and many others were guided via them.

Allah swt is the one who changes the hearts of the people NOT us.  All we have to do is convey the message via actions and words.  May Allah swt give us ALL hidayah. AMEEN.

"Educando Latinos Sobre El Islam" 
Entendemos la bondad de poseer el idioma Español y la gran responsabilidad de explicar la verdad acerca del Islam a la poblacion latina del mundo através de los medios audiovisuales. (en Español)

"Educating Latinos About Islam" 
We understand the bounty of possessing the Spanish language and the great responsibility to explain the truth about Islam to the Latino population worldwide through the use of multimedia. (in English)

Imagine this...

Dear Mr. and Mrs Black New Yorican Family,

Your presence offends us, it brings down our property values and just pretty much offends us and what we stand for. We would like you to please NOT move in to our community and as a sign of unity you considering moving your place of residence a respectable distance from our community property line.  Thank you for your understanding and anticipated cooperation.

God Bless, (unless you don't believe in God, that's cool heathens
Concerned Community 

ps. HAPPY KWANZAA and Cinco de Mayo!

THEY ARE RIGHT! Its not racist or bigoted at all. Its simply a nicely worded letter asking people who we disagree with that for the sake of unity they should capitulate. I mean if the majority of us are asking for it, its only the right thing for this family to do but to get up and move.  Oh, and it works for any other ethnic/minority group TOO! Here is a sample letter give it a try!

Dear Mr. and Mrs (insert controversial figures here),

Your presence offends us, it brings down our property values and just pretty much offends us and what we stand for. We would like you to please NOT move in to our community and as a sign of unity you considering moving your place of residence a respectable distance from our community property line.  Thank you for your understanding and anticipated cooperation.  
Your thoughts?

August 25, 2010


ya'll know I live in the NY/NJ metro area right? Aight. Well a NY cabby's throat was slashed yesterday after the attacker confirmed he was Muslim.  The attacker first claimed he was an ex soldier than it turns out he was just a volunteer for some documentary about Afghanistan.  Alhamdulillah the brother survived and the douche apprehended and is currently being charged with attempted murder and some hate charges.  

Mr. Enright asked the taxi driver, who was from Bangladesh, whether he was Muslim, Mr. Zaleta said.
After the driver said he was, Mr. Enright responded with the Arabic greeting, “Assalamu alaikum,” according to the criminal court complaint.
Then Mr. Enright said, “Consider this a checkpoint,” before pulling out a Leatherman utility knife and slashing the taxi driver’s throat, Mr. Zaleta said. The driver turned and Mr. Enright slashed him in his face and forearms, Mr. Zaleta said....
Mr. Enright sliced the driver’s “neck open halfway across his throat,” Mr. Zaleta said.

Anyway my friend, her hubs and 2 small (toddler and newborn) were driving down the turnpike today when another douche was making throat slashing signs.  Intimidating a mother in front of her children really REALLY makes you a tough guy. WHAT A LOSER.  They must not have much going on if this is how they feel "important and relevant"

All am saying is I PITY THE FOOL who thinks they can pull that sort of crap with me.  Let me repeat that again, I PITY THE FOOL who is unlucky enough to attempt that crap with me.  I survived war, survived rape, survived cancer, survived abuse and some scum bag is going to come and try to intimidate me because they think they are bad? HELL TO THE NO.  Fool get your ignorant butt to a community college and get some education and stop embarrassing yourself.  You aint bad. Unless you lived in a developing country your butt hasn't SEEN bad (movies don't count). I am Muslim, I am an American, I am Latina, I am a mother, a wife, sister, daughter... I may be a lot of things but I am not a push over and I know my rights.  So if you want to be a warrior stick to trolling online its more suitable for cowards.

August 21, 2010

Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center?

I AM JUST SAYING!  He makes a very compelling logical argument aided by a flashcard and some highlighter.  Also I kept mentioning to fellow Muslims that this project was approved by the local community including religious groups MONTHS ago and it was flying through the community zoning meetings.  The opposition didn't come until carpetbaggers (technically reversed carpetbaggers) decided that they had a say in what goes on in OUR backyards. Let the New Yorkers decide what they WILL and WILL NOT accept in their city.   Last I check the attack on the WTC happened in NY and therefore NEW YORKERS have the bigger say in this debate.

YOU don't want mosques in your backyard? That's your prerogative and you can go and protest all you want in the locality YOU LIVE IN.  I wonder how they would feel if Muslims decided to start a little group the "brotherhood of the traveling Mosque-teers" and show up in all these community meetings promoting the building of Islamic centers or Mosques. I am pretty darn sure they would be pist that outsiders would come in to their town and force change the will of the community.  AM JUST SAYING!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Extremist Makeover - Homeland Edition
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

August 19, 2010

My heart is breaking....

I feel so stupid and self absorbed.  Where the hell have I kept my head these past couple of months? why did I NOT see it earlier? How could I have missed it?

I was talking to my brother last night and questioning him about why he had poor grades (mashaAllah after doing very poorly in high school he had a 3.3 gpa in college).  He let it slipped that since March of this year they have been homeless.  They have been taking turns sleeping at different people's houses or at the factory (family biz).  I can't help them. I am broke myself.  If it wasn't for my in laws we would also be homeless. Ya Allah! Ya Allah!  Ya Allah!

My mom didn't tell me nor did my youngest brother as they didn't want to worry me. Matter of fact they STILL haven't told me. My tooth starting hurting today so much that my whole left side of the face was in pain including my ear and throat.  Please make du'a for me and my family.  SubhanaAllah, I started Ramadan very strong and I am getting pummeled.  In the hereafter I will know of my reward in the mean time I don't want to lose it.  When you are fasting please remember me and my family and when you break your fast too.  

I need to start making money, I need to get off my butt and start making moves. This cannot continue like this.
May Allah swt grant my WHOLE family iman and put their affairs in order. AMEEN.

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief: 

 إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
 Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.
 Surat 94 ayah 5-6

August 18, 2010

National Eid Toy and Gift Drive

National Eid Toy and Gift Drive

National Eid Toy and Gift Drive


As Salaamu Aalaykum and Ramadan Mubarak!

Baitul Salaam has collected 900+ toys mashaAllah, and they need to be wrapped and shipped to low income qualifying families by these E’id 2010. We need to raise $500 to cover shipping expenses. We have until the end of August to reach our goals so the items can reach the families in time for eid.

For more information check out our post on

How can you help?

There are multiple ways
  1. Donate what you can towards shipping cost. You can donate directly via the chipin provided by Pink Anonymous (all money is sent DIRECTLY to,or by going to your paypal account and sending your donation to or mail your donation to:
    National Eid Toy and Gift Drive, c/o Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.,
    PO Box 115470,
    Atlanta, GA 30310
  2. Forward this e-mail to your friends and family
  3. Make du'a for us!
  4. Leave a comment on the drive

Renounce Allah, His Messenger AND the Quran and you can have your permit

They tested the waters first to see how much outrage or support they could get if they ban the Masjid being build NEAR ground zero by saying it was AT ground zero.  Now they moved on to what they really wanted or the crux of the matter.  Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, a religious right heavyweight, has taken it to a new level: no more mosques in the United States, period.

WELL not PERIOD. They can have their permit
If a mosque was willing to publicly renounce the Koran and its 109 verses that call for the death of infidels, renounce Allah and his messenger Mohammed, publicly condemn Osama bin Laden, Hamas, and Abdelbaset al Megrahi (the Lockerbie bomber), maybe then they could be allowed to build their buildings. But then they wouldn't be Muslims at that point, now would they?

WAIT?! Did he just say MAYBE then they could be allowed to build their buildings? WOW. He really does know how to compromise. Now I didn't highlight the other stuff he mentions because apparently I wasn't aware that when I took my shahada I also inadvertently pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden, Hamas or Abdelbaset al Megrahi (no idea who he is btw). WOW. Talk about fine print.  How the heck did they get up in there? In between the "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH" or "AND MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH"?  That's some linguistic gymnastics there.

See this is how it starts which is why we are commanded to stand up for justice at the first incident of injustice.
O you who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve, and if you distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do. Qur'an 4:135
"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

"First they came ..." is a famous statement attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

Previous post....

Keith Olbermann was right...

August 17, 2010

I think I may have caught the eye

Went to an iftar people found out I was fasting and I was overly praised.  Now, am having some weird issues and to boot now my tooth hurts like a mother crikey. No, it doesn't make any sense? I just wanted to use the word CRIKEY in a sentence.  Shoot me.  DEAR LORD IS THE PAIN BAD! OOO EMMM GEEEE!

Funny how I was on top of the world a couple of days ago and now am in the mud.  That's life I guess.  I need some cheering up peeps.  I have a fear that I can't share right now with y'all but I think it might come true because a lot of people may want it to come true.  That way if that calamity befalls me (inshaAllah it doesn't) they can say "I told you so."  This is why you shouldn't have fasted because of X,Y and Z.  Its like they are itching to say that and I am not referring to Muslims ONLY.  The naysayers said something along those lines back in 2008 and 2009 but alhamdulillah I pulled through stronger and healthier than when I started which is why they are keeping their traps shut right now.  However, misery indeed loves company and I already started hearing crap wrapped up neatly under "naseeha".

Is it really so difficult to accept that we have limitations? I know what I am good at and I know what I suck at. I have no problem with people being successful in areas that I suck at.  It's called diversity in life. Its Allah's blessings manifested differently for different people.  DEAR LORD MY TOOTH. Over and out people. over and out. MAKE DU'A FOR ME.

May Allah swt save me from the bad du'as of others, give me complete shifaa and resolve this matter in my favor. AMEEN.

[edit] the pain is making me delirious, how many other corny tooth jokes can you make?
  1. the tooth shall set you free!
  2. the tooth the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth
  3. YOU can't handle the tooth
  4. King Kong aint got nothing on me (yeah, nothing to do with the subject matter, just wanted to sneak some Denzel in)

Thank you Keith Olbermann

Sometimes I feel that the small minority of haters get the most primetime exposure making it seem as if they are the majority.  The only time I felt discriminated because I was a Muslim came from people outside the community.  I drove, walked and prayed in Manhattan streets (no room and the prayer was about to end) with NO problems. Then organizations from Cali come over here DEMANDING things and stirring up the pot when the local community had already agreed on terms and what they wanted from this deal.  I also have no idea how these knucklehead politicians get in to power in the first place and keep it for decades. 

If it wasn't for technology am sure they would be getting away with a lot worst.  Anyway, I want to thank Keith Olbermann for his defense of us.  I think  it is a very American thing to do and I choked up when I watched the whole clip.  Because even though I know it isn't true, sometimes I do feel persecuted in my own backyard.  I also have to remind myself that this kind of stupidity I see on tv has rarely if ever been perpetrated by my neighbors, colleagues or acquaintances.  The rest of America should definitely take a page from NY and their hospitality because its REAL and not some folklore that makes a pretty concept for a movie.

August 16, 2010

Ramadan Joke

Two Christians were lost in the Sahara desert. One is David, the other is Michael. They were dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came upon an oasis, with what looked like an emirate with a mosque in the middle.

David said to Michael: "Look,let's pretend we are Muslims, otherwise we'll not get any food or drink. I am going to call myself "Mohammed."
Michael refused to change his name, he said:" My name is Michael, and I will not pretend to be other than but what I am Michael."

The Imam of the mosque received both well and asked about their names .
David said: "My name is Mohammed ."
Michael said: "My name is Michael."

The Imam turned to the helpers of the mosque and said: "Please bring some food and water for Michael only."
Then he turned to the other and said: "Well Mohammed I hope you are aware that we are still in the month of Ramadan."

August 15, 2010

Ramadan Day 3, 4 and 5

taken from

aight people. lot of catching up to do. Even though I fasted during the previous months my body still feels like its trying to adjust to the continuous fasts. Alhamdulillah I am doing A LOT better than I did in the previous fasts but nonetheless its not a walk in the park. I am VERY, VERY, VERY happy that I am indeed allowed to fasts because I am greedy for rewards (remember Hasanah Chasers?) and I loved doing acts of ibadah as they bring me closer to Allah swt and they give me peace and harmony in my heart.  Kinda like a toddler struggling to crawl to his mother's arms and then being rewarded by the warm and loving embraced of his mother.  yeah thats me.  LA ILAHA ILA ALLAH!

Day 3 was HARD AS HECK because I ate vegetables for suhoor and they are easily digested by your body so I was hungrier earlier in the day. NOT COOL.  Day 4 I had a pain in my right kidney and it was because  of not drinking enough fluids the day before and my son still nursing.  I fixed that in today's fast (day 5) by eating more than just vegetables and fruits as well as drinking liquids periodically and it worked!  I also started eating at 2 AM and continued to eat or drink liquids until 4:42 AM. Alhamdulillah no kidney pain or feeling hunger pangs early in the day. Since I pray taraweeh at home I keep a cup of juice (home made melon juice and chicha morada, more about that later) so I finish two rakahs and I take a couple of sips, write down the number of rakahs and move on.

This way I get a lot more fluids in my system than I would just sitting and forcing myself to drink it.  It rarely works instead I get stomach pains.  SubhanaAllah I drank 2 GINORMOUS cups of melon juice simply by sipping while I pray and no pain!  See, you have to see what works for you and go for it, this way your Ramadan is more enjoyable. inshaAllah.

oh, and I cried last night right before iftar because of a misunderstanding and because I am empathizing with people a little too much where I am crying and taking on their emotions and beefs.  NOT COOL. I can't take their pain away, can't change their situation so there is no reason why I should be torturing myself like that but I can make du'a for them.

Today (day 5) I was invited to iftar at a friends house and had LOTS of fun mashaAllah. I brought one of my best friends from childhood and she loved the sisters and the sisterhood we all shared.  She even asked for a couple of starter Islam books.  Kinda sucks that I am a lazy dawah person and I am not actively engaging her (its not my thing) and it has a lot to do with my background. I ABSOLUTELY HATE BEING PROSELYTIZED TO even by Muslims. I am sorry I can't stand it. Its like nails to chalkboard while you water-board me and electrocute my nips. That bad.

She is the same so instead I just give dawah by my actions, behavior and I do answer any questions she does have about Islam and Muslims.  I wont initiate it but I wont turn her away either.  I hope that is the right approach.  If she does choose Islam I want it to be because she wants to and not because I was relentless.  Either way I hope Allah swt guides her and her family to the truth. Ameen.

How are all you doing with your fasting?

August 13, 2010

Ramadan Day 2

As Salaamu Aalaykum!
the grumpy who-will-not-be-named was in an upset mood and nearly made me lose my temper yesterday.  ALhamdulillah I was unable to fight back because apparently fasting makes me mellow. Go figure.  It spikes some people's anger and it quells mine.  I had a lot of time to reflect on where my life has lead me to, a couple of years ago the mere thought of religion or marriage made me sick to my belly, now apparently can't get enough of it.

I am also grateful that I am able to fast in my condition in the comfort of my home (technically my in laws) and receiving plenty of help with my toddler. DEAR LORD do they grow up fast! I mean he is just shooting up and leaving me with the nostalgia of when he was a bean, then a squash, finally a baby and then toddlerhood.  I mean its awesome seeing him grow and discover new things but, but, but, my baby is growing up.  He no longer a burrito (the kind you eat not the donkey) with the receiving blankets. He is a big boy now so he is demanding to be treated like one.  *tears*

SubhanaAllah every day he tests me by trying to impose his tiny will on me and assert his independence which is both cute and annoying.  

I am writing this while its my 3rd day of Ramadan so sorry for the lack of detail.

btw how many hours are you guys fasting? currently I am fasting for about 16 hrs.  You guys?

August 11, 2010

Ramadan Day 1

As Salaamu Aalaykum beautiful UMMAH!

Today was my community's first day of Ramadan. WOHOOO! MashaAllah. I love Ramadan. I love it, relish it, anxiously waiting for it and its HERE. OMGEE!  I had iftar about 2 hrs ago and its tarawih time.  I won't be making it to the masjid because of my little guy but either way I don't do well in the 3hr taraweeh sessions.  May Allah swt reward all the bros and sisters who complete it but it is too much for me so I do it at home. 

I have news to share but every time I do something goes funky so I will just wait until the middle of Ramadan or near the end.  I am scared of getting the eye if you know what I mean.  I am in an EXCELLENT mood Alhamdulillah, I am greateful and pleased with Allah swt as my lord, Muhammad (saw) as my prophet and Islam as my religion.


August 6, 2010

my FIL is the best!

mashaAllah.  Alhamdulillah!

Last week I shared with my FIL that I wanted to get the whole tafseer by Ibn Kathir and he got it for me last night!  You guys have no idea how excited I am about that. I definitely could not afford it and I was hunting down for markdowns, sales and even used ones from fam and friends but nothing.  SubhanAllah.  I wanted to get it before Ramadan so I can start reading it and continue to do so throughout the month and I thought it wasn't going to happen but it did!