July 12, 2010

Ramadan countdown! about 30 days or so

OMG Ramadan is right around the corner people and I can't wait! I have about 4 days to make up so I will be getting on that soon inshaAllah. Anyone else making up days? if so hit me up so we can do it together (iA)!

Also people lets start looking at the moon instead of the day before Ramadan. We already know of the debacle that happens EVERY year during the same time and it is not necessary if we keep tabs on the moon from now.  
Joke from Shaykh Yaser Birjas regarding this topic:
In the past whoever saw the hilal first would be awarded something. So one time a bedouin who heard about the generous prizes, dressed up nicely and went to testify before the governor.When he was asked about it he said, “Yes I saw the hilal there,” pointing to the sky on one direction. When he was awarded with 1000 dirhams his eyes widened and then he said, “I saw another one on this side too” (pointing in the opposite direction).

(img MuslimMatters)

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LovieDrea said...

This is my very first Ramadan :D my hubby has about 4 days to make up as well I'm gonna fast with him InshaAllah

caraboska said...

In my part of the world, the fast is so long at this time of year (nearly 18 hours) that I am actually officially starting today to prepare for the fast - first moving the noon meal half an hour earlier every day, and then when I've moved it to 'Suhuur' time, moving mid-afternoon meal half an hour later. I put together a little chart for myself so that I will finish the preparations exactly the morning that Ramadan begins.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@LovieDrea. I suggest you start doing some practice fasting from now because its almost like detox and your body will NOT like it the first 1 or 2 days. This way you can enjoy and reap the benefits of Ramadan better than convalescing the first 10 days. KWIM?

@caraboska. WOW! you guys are TROOPERS. BTW that is exactly what I did before my first Ramadan and I breezed through it. When I was pregnant I wished I had done it because the first 3 days were horrendous. I fasted while nursing my little guy and it was no big deal. This Ramadan I will not be leaving it up to chance though and will be doing some practice runs besides the makeup days.

caraboska said...

Tuttie, God knows what troopers we are or aren't - one thing I know: in Sweden and Finland, the fast will be probably a good two hours longer. No doubt they already started preparing a week ago...

caraboska said...

PS Thank God, the first time I fasted was in November, so I've gotten a sort of slow initiation into the longer time frames.

caraboska said...

I invite you to view my recent blog post. It contains, among other things, links to handy charts showing the details of pre- and post-Ramadan 'easing', as well as 30-day Scripture reading charts.