July 3, 2010

make du'a for my friend

Remember the friend that dumped me like a sack of rotten potatoes? Well we found out last night that she had a miscarriage and she was 5 months along.  Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiuun.  I have  still been unable to communicate with her as her husband is blocking all of us but I wish I could be there for her.  She is going through a lot not only with her marriage but the years they spent fighting infertility to finally be able to conceive and to loose the child so far in to the pregnancy must be devastating.  She is on the other side of the USA so we can't even drive to see her or comfort her, she is far from her family and its just her and her husband.  May Allah swt give them both strength to overcome this test. ameen.

I feel guilty for not calling her earlier, now all the numbers we used to have are disconnected.  Please keep her in your du'as as she struggles through this very trying time. May Allah swt grant her patience and reward her loss with something better. ameen.


Anya said...

ameen inshallah everything will be ok.

Anya said...

i know this sounds horrible, but i had a friend once in a bad situation. we helped her out of it numerous times but she just kept going back. eventually I just couldn't feel bad for her anymore. 1 time is not ur fault
2 times, u shoulda known
3 times, Its ur fault
Inshallah Allah guides her to stand on her own two feet or fix the underlying problem n the relationship.

Bubbli said...

Allah swt is with her sis, i think thats enough :) so dont worry and just keep her in your dua's.
I'll def keep her in mine, inshAllah

Kiddy said...

That's so sad,I wonder how they are taking it.Is there no way anybody could get in touch with her?And if somebody could go there to get her and give her a place to stay and help her get a job and a room,if she needs it,it would be awesome.I was trapped like that once,and I know it was God that stopped Joseph from killing me on more than one occasion when he was strangling me.And God used a girl and her family from Drammen,Norway to help me by giving me shelter,then a job and a room to stay.I thank God for my "Narrow Escape".

.::Tuttie::. said...

Thank you all for the du'as as am sure my friend needs them.

@Barbie, we gave her EVERYTHING we could think of to help her out. Shelter, job, money, counseling but it was her choice to turn that away and go back to her husband. We are not angry at her for that we all understand that it is hard to walk away from a marriage. He was her first in everything and her connection to him is deep. I keep praying for what is best for her and I leave it up to Allah swt.

caraboska said...

Given the problems in their relationship, it's probably better they not have children. I know another situation where a couple had no children, and then later it turned out that the husband had an incurable and hereditary illness. And God knows best.