July 6, 2010

Can't Touch THIS!!

First let me get started with this video fast forward to 0:56 and you can see what am talking about....CAN'T TOUCH THIS!

This is from Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden by Morgan Spurlock.  I didn't feel like I learned a lot but I did enjoy watching the film as he made his way through Muslim lands.  I think my favorite was the place where he is talking to some Afghani nomads and they tell him that the aid is being received by those on the top and it rarely trickles down to them.  Morgan points out "but you have a UN tent" to which the Afghanis in unison laugh and say "we bought it in the black market!"  I think Morgan also asks about the tiniest member of the group (this little boy maybe 2 or 3 years old) and if they have ever forgotten him and they said "ALL THE TIME! we have to keep checking if he is still with us."  Men. Goes to show you that its in their genes. 

The one bit I found shocking/interesting was when he was in a hasidic area of Jerusalem and the Jews are really angry that Morgan is there, they start throwing rocks (here I was thinking the Palestinians had patented it or something), water balloons, calling him filth and screaming "GET OUT OF OUR LAND!"  When the IDF shows up trying to disperse the LARGE group that has formed one old man blocks him from leaving while screaming at him to leave and finally shoves Morgan.  When the IDF dude tries to stop the old man he shoves him too and for a second there I thought this old man was gonna get killed because the soldier totally shoved him against the wall.  Morgan is truly shocked and I guess as American we are not really used to people treating us like this and physically assaulting us.  "Freedom of speech" being used to hurl insults at us sure, but no touching.  The hasidic Jews in my area just keep to themselves, neither acknowledging your presence nor starting beef with you so this was definitely shocking.

Morgan doesn't even go in to Gaza partly because he was scared of going (at least that's my opinion based on his comment that it looked scary as hell).  I don't think it was the greatest of documentary since it played out more like a vacation video but I LOVED IT, for the most part. :) Then again I love watching home videos and people's vacation pics.  Anyone else seen this documentary?

ps.I tried embedding the documentary but it wasn't working. :(


♥Tiffany Nicole♥ said...

LMBO! 2 Freakin Funny!!
I so needed a laugh =D

NtN said...

I love that movie! My husband and I watch it a couple of times a year when we get bored with other movies. IMHO he did a fantastic job, considering he's showing the US what other countries are like.

(And that Saudi sheikh gave me the heebie jeebies, astaghfirullah!)