June 25, 2010

Yesterday was bad

I burst in to tears with snot, snorting and all kinds of breathing issues TWICE.  Like someone died or something and guess what cheered me up?   Baby Cakes. My son poked me in the ribs with the book so I laid down with him and read it (7+ times) and felt so much better.  *shakes fist at karma*

inshaAllah today will be MUCH better. INSHAALLAH otherwise the waterworks will be on full blast.  SubhanaAllah I went from not being able to cry AT ALL because of my childhood to choking up and in tears for the littlest things. 

Baby Cakes, Baby Cakes,
I love you!
Baby Cakes, Baby Cakes,
Yes, I do!


NeverEver said...


didn't the Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alleyhi wa salam) say that crying was a mercy from Allah? :-D

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Im sorry to hear you had a bad day, inshaAllah today will be better. You gotta love children, they have a way of making a bad day a good one =)

Falling Up said...

children are so much responsibility but they're a blessing in disguise. :) Sorry your day started out bad.

jana z. said...

keep your chin up tuttie and dont be sad. your children will bring you so much happiness. their little hugs mean so much as youve seen.

Kiddy said...

Roy Rogers and Clint Black always cheer me up with their song on You Tube when they sing:"Hold on partner"."Try it you might like it like it" like the Alka Seltzer ad goes.I especially liked "I thought I was gonna die",when his mom kept feeding the son spaghetti,she wanted him to gain weight,you see.Moms are like that.