June 1, 2010

sorry for the silence

I have been feverishly on facebook, my pages and twitter blasting the israeli (doesn't deserve the capital) terrorist attack on unarmed civilians while in international waters. After I cooled down from my initial shock and rage I realized that while I was focusing on the dead who are already with Allah swt the living are being held hostage.
What state would be allowed to kidnap 700 citizens from multiple countries ON INTERNATIONAL WATERS and NOT be called a terrorist state?
They have not allowed access to the activists and the numbers keep changing I hope the flotilla organizers have a registered list of who was on board because I am beginning to think that a couple of these activists will not be returning home and be permanently "missing in action."
Side note: when you board a ship (that doesn't belong to you) in the early hours of the morning, armed to the teeth, on international waters hardly anything you do after that can be called self defense.
But anyway in my furor I forwarded two images that I have since deleted as I no longer see them as appropriate.  It was the israeli flag used on a pirate ship and the other one was a ship breaking through the star of David symbolizing the flotilla breaking through the ILLEGAL blockade of Gaza.  The reason why I don't see them as appropriate is that even though they are indeed associated with the israeli flag it contains a religious symbol that most if not all of Judaism accepts as its own not just israel.  While I may be upset with israel and its policies I have no beef with Judaism, the people who follow it nor do I intend on disrespecting them.  Remember Norman Finkelstein he is Jewish standing up for the Palestinians, why should his faith be disrespected just because we are angry with a state?  The same can be said about Saudi Arabia and its flag,  It may represent Saudi but it is also contains the kalimat accepted by ALL Muslims.  I would be very upset if it is used to mock or offend Muslims.  Get the drift?

Anyway keep the hostages in your prayers and keep writing to your representatives to DO something about this illegal action by israel.  You have the luxury of the internet and communications, they do not.

PS. I still can't believe they ABDUCTED people while in international waters and taken them to their country.  Anyone else wondering if they are in twilight zone?


Bubbli said...

i like the way u think mashAllah, too many other people generalize and hate.

"PS. I still can't believe they ABDUCTED people while in international waters and taken them to their country." ME NIETHER.

Falling Up said...

yeah this stuff is horrible. It's really depressing. May Allah SWT protect the innocent and reward them for their suffering. May Allah SWT great Jannah to those who have been killed.

Kiddy said...

I understand your anger,I feel the same when Aspies are taken advantage of and bullied.

CareMuslimah said...

Sigh. This whole thing has had me mad, sad, confussed. I've lost my faith in the UN and all international organizations for not doing anything. For seeing Palestine as the bad guys. What's wrong with the world? subhanallah!! People are so messed up, they cannot even see beyond their ideals.

People are people. Black people, white people, arab people, jewish people.. nothing gives you the right to opress generation after generation, for conflicts that started so many years ago.

AlabasterMuslim said...

I am absolutely furious with what is going on!!!
Thank god though, CNN actually let the co-founder of (one of?) the organizations that was on the ship, and she was saying everything against Israel, and what they have done. Actually speaking the TRUTH! If it had not been for the tapes rolling, these people would have been branded as terrorist and everyone in America and elsewhere would be made to think about how HORRIBLE they (the activist) are. Well, for once the soldiers are being exposed.
But I had no clue those people are still being held hostage!!!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Shame on stupid israel, i hope they get what is coming to them, htey have exposed their true colours to the world
ps wt has saudi arabia done that deserves insult?

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Hijabis. Every country in the world has done something wrong. Saudi was a prime example of its flag having a religious connotation (the kalimah) as well as representing the state. So lets say someone is protesting Saudi for whatever reason and they use the flag to send a point, they would be desecrating the kalimah and Allah swt name. NOT COOL. Same with the israeli flag and the star of David.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I see, i thought you meant, it has done something deserving in protest specifically linked to the situation , lol sorry
take care