June 23, 2010

purple nirpple

I haven't decided what I will do to my hubster yet but he HAS TO PAY.  Who the heck teaches a toddler who is still nursing the purpple nirpple?  

SERIOUSLY! WHO?!  My  husband apparently.

Sleep with one eye open buddy! You don't know the level of retribution heading your way no you don't son.  I suggest you go pray for some salvation because am gonna put the hurting on you.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Ur son sounds soooo cute mashallah.

I'll pray for your husband's safety LOL.

Bubbli said...

lol, wow thats a weird title. poor little kid, it was too early lol. and i'll join AlabasterMuslim in praying for ur hubby's safety, we dont want the little one to grow up without a father, lol!

caraboska said...

I think I'm missing something here... purple nurple? Teaching? ???

caraboska said...

Ick. I think hubby needs to have this done to him. At least as hard as your kid does it.