June 30, 2010

Baby cakes saga continues...

I went to the library hoping BEGGING, PRAYING to find other books to substitute but not a single one was on the shelf. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Not even the raggedy ones that are always there but no one checks them out. Yeah, not even those. So back we came with baby cakes and I was once again forced to read it 7+ times!

It has gotten to the point where I will give my son Baby Cakes and tell him to go to his baba and I RUN. I MEAN I RUN.  He does the same to me.  We call it the baby cakes trap and we giggle like school girls when we ensnare the other.  Maturity and awesome parenting at its best.  Anyway hubster managed to ensnared me but instead of running he stayed to "listen" to the story (am an awesome story teller).  I thought that was weird but kept reading.  Afterward my son asked hubster to read it to him and he whipped out his phone and press played.  HE RECORDED ME!

WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT?  Bubs didn't buy it though. LOL. Smart kid. Nice try hubster...nice try.


Ati said...

Your husband is a smart person, but I guest the kid is smarter, right? :-)

I started to tell bed time stories to my children only last week and hope to make it a routine every night. My first story was about our Prophet Adam A.S. Unfortunately I ended up listening to them telling me the rest of the story..*sigh*

LK said...

haha that was a good trick Hubby. Too bad it didnt work. Your boy is too smart.