June 18, 2010

Arabic is my jaded lover

I learned to read arabic a while back and for one reason or another I stopped reading it and even writing it.  So when I decided to hit the books all I could see where squiggly lines after squiggly lines.  It took me about 3 days of forcing myself to read the arabic instead of the transliteration morning and evening and its back! alhamdulilah, I CAN READ AGAIN!

Now I have to work on writing because that is another area that I stopped and it feels like putting on my shoes and forgetting how to tie them.  I will work on my writing tomorrow after maybe a year or more of ignoring it.
Why is arabic like a cross between an arab and spanish telenovela? its worst than a jaded lover, has tons of drama and makes you work twice as hard for it when you ignore it for a little bit. ahh, but its worth it. *shakes fist* it gots the goods :) Plus such a satisfaction when you master it again.
Does anyone else feel like this or is it with ANY language?  Because I feel like I need to coax it back with some pillow talk, like "hey baby, how you doing? you know I didn't meant to not see you for over a year? baby its not what you think! I still like you....but am seeing other languages."
I totally suck at pillow talk.


Amira said...

lool! I love the last part. I think its with any language. I know when I was trying to learn Spanish I took a break after a year and I really had to put effort into remembering what I had learned. Hope all goes will with you inshallah.

LK said...

This happened to me with Japanese. I stopped practicing and now I can't read any of it. :( Wish I could. Same thing happened with speaking Spanish. I really wish I remembered how to do that now that its basically a job requirement in most offices :(

Modest Style Guide said...

don't even get me started on learning Arabic, i've been learning for years and i swear if i leave it for a week it takes me 5mins just to read a verse of quran... there needs to be a arab dora, lets call her dildar

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

Oh man! This is my problem tooo, but hey you gotta start somewhere right? At least you're trying!

And oh my I think I just died laughing @sakeenahs comment "dildar" lmfaoooo hahah that would be perfect, a little hijabi dora walking around saying "as salamualaikum" *blank stares and blinks at the screen*

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Amira, I know but apparently my sucky pillow talk is working! yay! How long did it take you to get it back?

@InkBlots. Did you learn Japanese for your manga work? hang around enough Spanish people and it will come back.

@Sakeenah. THAT WOULD BE SOO AWESOME!! You'll see me sitting right in front with my eyes vacant staring at the tv.

@Anya. That's awesome that you were able to understand Turkish and French. I felt like I was lied to when they said French, Spanish and Italian are romance languages and once you understand one you understand the other. LIES! I tell you! lies!

@Life's Balance Beam. You are right at least I am back in the game. Hubs says that he was impressed with my reading but then again, he is hubs and he does have vested interest in souping me up.

I love coffee said...

I am trying to learn a little bit of Arabic too. I feel like I have to give 10x more effort than when I was learning French.

BTW, just wanted to let you know that your blog is my most favorite blog to visit. Even if I read your posts about depressing stuff such as abuse, I still feel your positivity and strength resonating from it. Though it might be a bit too mushy to say this but you truly put a smile on people's face (or at least mine :p )who live thousands of miles away from you. :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

@I love coffee. AWWW. thank you! Totally put a smile on my face.