May 12, 2010

What Would YOU Do?

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

I couldn't embed the video but here is the link (  So the premise is that a drunk girl being forced out of the bar by a stranger. She is clearly letting everyone in ear shot know she does not know this man nor does she want to go with him.  What would you do?

This scenario is sadly based in real life where women go to clubs or bars and after being inebriated either by choice or by a date rape drug are taken out of the establishment and raped.  Some return home but sadly others don't.  Anyway when they did the experiment EVERY single time the man tried to take her out of the bar someone intervened and kept her safe. mashAllah (specially since it was on MY home state).  Now, they changed it so that she would look like a party girl (you know the myth, you got raped because of what you were wearing...) and see if anyone would intervene.  MashaAllah they did (different crowd) and didn't allow him to remove her.  Sadly in this scenario one group DOES allow her to leave.  What made it sad was the fact that one of the men even cheered the guy as he was walking away with the girl and made it known he was jealous of the "score."  The saddest part, HE WAS AN OFF DUTY COP. subhanaAllah.  The civilians young or old stood up for her regardless of how she was dressed and a cop didn't.  I know they are only humans but who do you call when you need help?  the cops.  Who do you report rape to? the cops. 

He tried to give some bs story about why he didn't intervene but that was bull. I mean cops see horrendous things and I am sure that he has seen his fair share of rape victims (Jersey Shore). So why didn't he stand up?

I personally have in the past kept inebriated women from leaving with strangers I have also barricaded my friends in their dorm rooms so that they wouldn't wander campus.  Since I am a Muslim and wouldn't be in a bar it is hard to say that I would keep him from taking her out.  If she were to walk in to an establishment I am in while inebriated and someone tried to remove her, I would say something.

The other scenarios were more race related.  What would you do if you see a man stealing a bike? what if he was white? black? or a blonde bombshell (girl)?

Results: One person out of hundreds who saw him (white dude) with all his tools and he was honest when asked if this was his bike reported him.  The actors HAD to make sure you knew they were stealing the bike so they gave all the indicators.  When the black dude tried to steal the bike an angry mob formed.  My heart ached because the actor afterward said he had been watching the white dude and they did nothing to him.  When it was the girl men actually HELPED her steal it, even after she told them she was stealing it.  One lady was about to report her, when her husband goes to the girl if she needs help even when his wife is telling him to leave her alone.  subhanaAllah. He totally disrespected his wife in public over a girl he did not know and helped her steal the bike.  How sad.  I don't think that marriage is going to last for much longer.

What would I do? I would call the cops but I wouldn't try to stop it myself because I don't want to get hurt. Specially if I am out with my son. 

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Allaa` said...

Asalamu alykum. Seen this show and love every episode. Very eye-opening. It truly makes me want to DO something rather than expect someone else to do it. It is our jobs as Muslims and simply as humans to correct something with our hands if it is not right; if not, we should speak out against it, and if not, then at least hate in our hearts [hadith] . I would call the police and/or notify the owner. I might intervene and say something which might frighten him enough to run away.