May 6, 2010

Hijra Rant

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

yes, this is yet another rant and it was inspired by facebook.  go figure.  I keep getting this advice about doing Hijra to a Muslim country and I just laugh. I mean WHAT Muslim country?  THERE ARE NONE! ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!  Those countries may have a majority Muslim population but their laws aren't.  I mean I have more freedom in the good old US of A than I would in Egypt where I can't go to class with my niqab.  I copy pasted the below advice and I must ask 
1) where is it coming from?  
2) what is the proof behind it? 
3) are you even qualify to be giving this kind of advice?

Anything in this font is MY opinionAnything in red is what I found the most shocking.
Advice For Muslim Women Who Live In The West

Praise be to Allaah.
1 – The first thing you should do is to leave that kaafir land, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) disavowed himself of anyone who settles among the mushrikeen. Hence it is haraam for you to stay in the land of kufr, especially since you are there for the sake of work, and that is not one of the legitimate excuses for which you may be allowed to stay there.

2 – You have to choose the Muslim land where people adhere most closely to modesty, chastity and commitment to Islam. It is well known that the Muslim lands vary in these matters, and not every country is a place where you could settle, unfortunately, rather that depends on your nationality and the laws of the land.

3 – If you cannot move to that country, then you must fear Allaah, may He be exalted, and adhere to His commands in all your affairs, foremost among which must be guarding your families against disintegration and assimilation. You must pay attention to your children, both males and females, give them a good Islamic upbringing and a sense of connection to Islamic history, teach them the rulings of Islam, and teach them Arabic well.

4 – The place where the Muslim family lives should be far removed from places of immorality. Conservative Muslim families should live together in one place so that they can support one another and help one another to obey Allaah, may He be exalted, and help one another to train and teach themselves and their children.

It is haraam for you to give your children free rein in forming friendships with the children of the kuffaar. It is not permissible for you to allow your children to watch immoral shows and movies that destroy moral values. You must also pay attention to what they read and watch so that their thinking will not go astray and they will not lose their religious commitment.

6 – Your family should have set times, even if they are short, when the entire family can get together and talk, so as to deal with problems faced by each family member before they grow worse and more complicated, or it becomes impossible to solve them.

7 – You must also make good choices in the families with whom you mix, lest some of them have a negative influence on your family members and your efforts to raise them properly be wasted.

8 – You should instill a hatred for this culture and its ways in the hearts of your children, and inform them that it is contrary to divine law and the sound nature of man. Give them examples and contrast it with Islamic morals, and instill a sense of connection with Islamic culture and its ways, and let them know that they will not stay in that land for long. (so wouldn't it be better to teach them to LOVE what Allah swt has made halal and to discourage bad behavior?  Why hate?  If it goes against Allah's commandments there is a natural dislike for such behavior. Its called our FITRAH.)

9 – You should frequently visit the sacred land of Allaah in Makkah. Strive to perform Hajj every year and to do ‘Umrah more than once a year if you can, so as to strengthen your faith and strengthen your children’s bonds to Islam and the Muslims. Unfortunately we see great shortcomings in the Muslim communities who live in kaafir countries in this regard.  (maybe because we are BROKE? and all the visas require to even go anywhere are sometimes prohibitive of travel)

10 – Build an Islamic library, including Islamic books, tapes and CDs, so that the family members can learn about their religion and refer easily to the rulings of Islam. Close the door to means of misguidance that may lead to their ignorance and corruption. Bring the al-Majd channel into your homes for the beneficial knowledge that it offers, and because they are trying to keep their channel free of women and music. You can also connect them to useful sites on the internet.

In fact there is a great deal of advice that we could offer, because there is so much misguidance, deviance and immorality in those kaafir lands. Every aspect of life needs its own advice and guidance. But what we said in the beginning is full of advice, which is to leave that kaafir land and move to a Muslim land. Whoever stays in the kaafir lands must realize that Allaah will ask him about his flock on the Day of Resurrection, so let him prepare an answer.

We ask Allaah to make it easy for you to leave that land and to make you steadfast in adhering to Islam and true guidance, and to make your children righteous callers to Islam.

And Allaah is the Source of strength.
omg.  NOW YOU know why I nearly had a heart attack and a brain aneurysm. It's hypocritical to say that we must HATE this culture when Asian/Arab cultures are revered as the example but not always for the parts that ARE compatible with Islam but rather the ones that aren't.  ALL cultures have good and bad to them and we need to keep what is compatible with Islam and discard the rest.  Also I remember listening to this in a speech and I just googled it from the biography of the Prophet (saw)
the Prophet (pbuh) went to Abu Bakr's house and told him, 'Allah has told me that now is the time for us to leave Mecca.' 'Together?' asked Abu Bakr. 'Together', the Prophet (pbuh) replied. Abu Bakr wept for joy, because now he knew that the travelling companion he had been promised was the Prophet (pbuh) himself. Then he said,'O Messenger of Allah, these are the two camels which I have kept ready for this.' And so, the two of them left for a cave in Thawr, a mountain to the south of Mecca where they intended to hide. When they were out of the city the Prophet (pbuh) looked back and said, 'Of all Allah's earth, you are the dearest place to Allah and to me and if my people had not driven me out I would never have left you.
SO he wouldn't have left Mecca if he hadn't been forced to? and this during a time when idols were in the kabaa and women did tawaf naked?  Also didn't the king of Abyssinia become Muslim around this time? was he ordered to do hijrah to a Muslim land which at the time would have been Medina RULED by the Prophet saw? No, he wasn't.  So why would I move to a non existent "Muslim land"?
All the Muslims all over the world are part of this ummah, however, we all have different roles. Ilmfest (NJ). It was mentioned at the event (by Yasir Qadhi) that Allah swt will ask us about what we did for our communities. There are more ways to help this ummah than to migrate to other countries. Start locally. Sometimes we can do more for our brothers and sisters by using our resources we have available here.
If you want to move to a Muslim majority country I am not bashing you, go ahead, its your choice.  What am saying is DO NOT SAY ITS HARAAM to stay in a country simply because the majority isn't Muslim. The only reason I would EVER do hijra is if an undisputed, proper khilafa is in place. UNTIL then, this is my home and I plan on staying here.

Rant OVA....sorta

{edit} imagine a family moves to (insert 'Muslim' country), lets just say they are unfortunate and the husband dies.  What then?  with no family to help her and some stupid laws banning women from driving or working in certain fields, what would happen to the widow and children?  Even though Islam commands us to help the widows and the orphans look at how they are treated?  Should I beg in the streets for my children when I can easily earn my living?  May Allah swt save me but if I ever have to go homeless I would rather take my chances in America. At least here I can take advantage of some social services while I get on my feet. 


LK said...

I actually think Islam can be practiced more freely and closer to the Qur'anic law in a non Muslim country than a "Muslim" country. The so called "Muslim" countries have added so many laws that are against the religion its a wonder they can even be called that anymore.

But to call upon us to hate?! God does not want us to hate each other the Qur'an makes that quite clear. You cannot right a wrong with another wrong.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Ink. I have a weird distinction between adults and children.

if adults want to do the above and hate without any reason GO AHEAD. They want to kill themselves? humiliate themselves or whatever other debauchery they may come up with. FINE. GO AHEAD. Ultimately they will answer to Allah swt.

What bothers me is when CHILDREN are taught this and that is what this advice is saying
"You should instill a hatred for this culture and its ways in the hearts of your children"

Let the children be children and instill MORALS and ethics in them.


Banana Anne said...

I have a lot to say on this, so I'll be back later (I'm in class right now, ugh :P )

Sweet said...

Have these discussions with hubby all the time. I totally agree with you 110%.

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

I Think what they mean by muslim country is a land where the majority is muslim. where the adhaan calls, and egypt certainly isnt the only place u can move too, how ever in egypt women have enough rights trust me, i lived there they're actually the MOST liberal arab culture. but from what i've read it is our obligation to make hijrah for the sake of Allah IFFFFF we have the means to do so...meaning having enough money to last for us to be comfortable incase of emergency and all. i do NOT agree 1 bit with ppl moving their wives to another country and make them slum it while they "look" for work... im like why didnt u have a job lined up already?!!!


now i dont know anything about hating the culture lol i know certain things int he culture because the prophet salaalahu alayhi wa salaam said "take the good from it and leave the evil" and thats with ANY culture... not just the west but even the middle eastern, asian, desi, african all of that.

Subanaallah everything is getting bad these days no matter where you go... i would how ever love to be in makka or madinah if im alive for the dajjal to come :-s

LK said...

Tuttie: Yeah totally. That statement is 100% WRONG.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Wow where did you find this piece of hate-filled rhetoric? In my opinion, raising your kids in a mixed cultural and religious environment gives you more chances to teach them why you live a certain way and helps them have better decision-making skills. Obviously we've all seen people from Muslim-majority countries and religious families who've made a mess of their lives. In the end, it all comes down to who you keep company with and the choices you make each day.

AlabasterMuslim said...

This is something that just makes me irate. You never know, one day America could be more of a Muslim land than any of those so called muslim countries which are def NOT muslim countries as far as practicing shariah and all the rest.

Hope you are doing well inshallah Tuttie and your family.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Banana Anne. Totally missed that point.

@Firdous. Allah swt says to tie our camel and to trust Allah swt. I am tying my camel and until their is a proper khilafa there is no need for me to move anywhere.

NtN said...

AHHH!!! This junk keeps coming up! What is the deal?!?! Hatred is a disease of the heart, we should be shunning what Allah SWT dislikes and only "hating" the actions. We shouldn't be talking crap, ignoring the peaceful parts of the Qur'an (like the ayah that talks about responding to crap talking with salaams (28:54-55)), and hating all over the place. I just had a sister arguing with me earlier (when I had asked her to refrain from being rude and praying for someone to be punished because they were being a troll) that hate brings people to Islam. Oh, and apparently trolling is oppression. Seriously, what the heck? Why not pray for them to be guided and avoid the possible facing-Allah-and-having-to-explain dealie inshaAllah? Argh Argh Argh!

And seriously, the haraam police are getting out of control. Women apparently aren't allowed to be seen or heard EVER. But gee, what about that sunnah thing, where the Mothers were present in society..hrmm, oh wait, that doesn't apply.

GAH! I'm so glad there are other sane people out there because it's getting scary up in here lately. Tuttie, jazakAllah khairun for posting this, may Allah SWT reward you and all those who have taught you ameen.