May 18, 2010

BURQA RAGE in France and Bill 94 in Canada

A 60-year-old lawyer ripped a Muslim woman's Islamic veil off in a row in a clothing shop in what police say is France's first case of "burka rage". 

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I hope it doesn't become a trend.  I am still upset that anyone feels they have the right to put their hands on another person or their belongings. HOW DARE YOU.

Also today is May 18th Day of Action! Say NO to Bill 94! So after today we will know if it was passed or not. If you are not familiar with Bill 94
Quebec Premier Jean Charest has proposed legislation which, if approved by the National Assembly of Quebec, would deny essential government services, public employment, educational opportunities, and health care to people who wear facial coverings. Bill 94 specifically targets Muslim women who wear the niqab (face veil).
Listen to the video below, before I thought that it would only apply to government stuff but apparently it will apply to the private sector as well.  So what other alternative would a niqabi have?  take it off, leave the country or keep it but have no access to health care, education or employment (whether public or private)? Great choices.  Way to liberate women.


Candice said...

This bill is just not cool! I agree with requiring a woman to show her face for identification and security purposes, but this bill is just total CRAP! It's enraging!

.::Tuttie::. said...

I haven't met a niqabi who had a problem with showing her face for identification and I don't have a problem with that either. So what is the problem?

Orchidthief said...

You know I think the person who really hit the issue on the nose was the law professor from the University of Toronto. The bill is about core values, and I think he is correct in stating that while countries cannot specifically define what they are, this bill represents 'who they are not'. Although I don't agree with his conclusions that people feel the niqab is a threat, I think it is very much seen as a symbol of oppression (rightly or wrongly) in the West, and this is a backlash against it. As much as the veil has been part of certain muslim cultures for centuries, facial identification has been a part of Canadian/British culture for centuries too. An overwhelming majority of Canadians supported this bill, and I think it's a real sign that no matter how open a country claims to be, the truth is there are always limits to those freedoms, and those limits are sometimes dictated by popular culture rather than law.